Former TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan

Former TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan Career Advice for Students

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Former TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan claim that teenagers “know better” and will “do whatever it takes to survive” in general.

Before becoming the organization’s CEO in 2017, Rajesh Gopinathan handled a variety of managerial and sales positions.
The former CEO of TCS has not yet disclosed his future ambitions.

K Krithivasan has taken Gopinathan’s post. And the former will remain with the business until September 2023.

Rajesh Gopinathan, the former CEO of TCS, recently submitted his resignation letter after 22 years with the organization. Before taking over as the company’s CEO in 2017, Gopinathan had a lengthy career in management and sales.

Consequently, it is not unexpected that the previous CEO of TCS valued the commitment and tenure of the company’s personnel. Here is a look back at an interview he gave to Moneycontrol in January 2023. During the interview he provide advise to recent graduates on how to get employment in the present labor environment.


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Former TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan said that teenagers “know better” and “would do whatever it takes to survive” in his opening statement.


It is “essential to take some topic and remain with it for a length of time, and not consider oneself an expert too quickly and move on,” he told the journal.

He said that they would “get the intricacies” more fully the longer they were with the organization.

The former CEO advised TCS to support its own staff when a new technology enters the market when asked how the business maintained 1 lakh people for more than 10 years. “Say if you want to go into ChatGPT, we are not going to go into the market and say among the many individuals, who can we employ,” he said. “We look within and say who is likely to be the most knowledgeable.”

He added, “Back them up, give them resources, and ask them, tell us what we can do.”

Gopinathan said in the interview that the possibility to “do something new” comes to an employee immediately by being a member of the organization, and this helps the firm retain personnel.

Gopinathan mentioned ChatGPT as well, however he did not specify what inquiries he made of the chatbot. He stated that TCS was internally “fiddling” with the technology and examining how the corporation might utilise it in “service delivery.”

Although he claims to be “harbouring a few ideas,” the former TCS CEO has not yet revealed what is next for him.

Gopinathan gave a statement on his leadership of the organization, saying that the “past six years have been most rewarding and satisfying. He also add over $10 billion in incremental sales and over $70 billion in growth in market capitalization.”

K Krithivasan has taken Gopinathan’s post, and the former will remain with the business until September 2023.


The largest software exporter in the nation said on Thursday that Krithivasan has been named as the CEO-designate with immediate effect.

Gopinathan, who has been in charge for six years, will stay on until September 15 to help with the transition and assist his replacement.

Gopinathan was appointed by TCS shareholders in April 2022 for a term of five years, ending on February 20, 2027.

Rajesh Gopinathan has decided to leave Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to pursue other interests, the firm said in a statement. “After a brilliant career of over 22 years with TCS and a successful term as Managing Director and CEO for the previous 6 years,” the statement said.

Within a week, there have been two significant leadership changes in the Indian IT industry.

Mohit Joshi, the president of Infosys, left the company last week and joined Tech Mahindra as MD and CEO designate to succeed CP Gurnani, who will step down in December.

With immediate effect, TCS has named K Krithivasan, its current president and global head of the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) Business Group, as CEO Designate.


“K Krithivasan has been proposed by the Board as the CEO Designate with effect from March 16, 2023.

In the next fiscal year, Mr. K. Krithivasan will take over as managing director and CEO from Rajesh Gopinathan, according to the announcement.

Gopinathan served as managing director and CEO of TCS throughout his tenure, which saw an increase in revenues of USD 10 billion.

Gopinathan, according to TCS Chairman N Chandrasekaran, gave the business solid leadership.

“Rajesh has been the MD & CEO of TCS for the past six years. During this time, he has demonstrated great leadership, built the groundwork for the company’s future development. And made substantial investments in cloud, agile, and automation to aid customers in accelerating their transformation. I am incredibly grateful for Rajesh’s significant contribution to TCS. I’m hoping for the best for him in the future ”

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