Ice Boy China get new home and school

Ice Boy China : Inspiration for All kids around the world

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Wang Fuman, also known as Ice Boy China became famous in 2018. When a Chinese boy photo with frozen hair went viral on social media. He belongs to a poor family, and his family could not afford to buy him a hat to cover his head during extreme winter. Wang Fuman go school on his daily hour-long trek to school. Several stories published, also “ice boy” name given to him. His stories touched the hearts of people around the world.

One Day when he went to school, his head was covered with ice and frozen. White Eye lids fully covered with ice. His teacher posted a photo with his head covered with tapering piece of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water. That photo went viral on social media and Wang Fuman given the name as “Ice Boy” or “Snowflake Boy.”

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Ice Boy family Background

Wang Fuman grandmother had a mud hut in China. His father is working far away from home. And his mother, Lu Dafeng initially care his family but later left them and went to other place to work. Snowflake Boy living with his sister Fumei, in Yunnan province, in southwestern China. However, to go school, one side he has to walk 4.8 kilometer in -9C temperature. Many times, temperature goes below -20 °C as well.

Can you imagine, how does it feel, walking for 4.8 kilometer in -9C temperature for one side to go school? But this kid walk, with a spirit to get study and become successful one day in his life. His father, Wang Gangkui is working in a construction company in Kunming, which is 402 kilometers from Zhuanshanbao, China. Last year, he came home three times only.

Yunnan is one of the worst affected provinces in South China where more than 30 million people living below poverty and earning $360 in a year.

How Ice Boy change the fortune of his province:

His father, Wang Gangkui inform the People’s Daily newspaper that, “Our lives will get better and better from now on.” We have better home now as compared to mud walls and muddy roads in the past. Fuman was one of the 60 million children who “left-behind” in their hometowns while their parents seek work in the big cities.

Before when he goes school, no heating source available in the freezing temperature. Now, Ludian County received a lot of donations and government aid. Local foundations launched a charity drive and raise $47,000 within a week. This charity drive is to help children from poor families stay warm in freezing winter.

Now, each classroom in the Ice Boy school has two heaters, and he has no more chilblains on his hands this year. Good news is, now digital textbooks and clothes available from the donation for all the students of his school. However, Fuman lives in the student dormitory during the week and thick quilts and mattresses available for the 73 students as well.
Ice Boy informs to China Daily that, “I usually stay in the school so I do not have to go home every day.” Now our classroom is very warm, and we study.

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Now, South China Morning Post video producer Tom Wang shot the video of ice boy. And Ice boy informed that they still struggle to get the enough food for all family members.


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