Job Guaranteed for Engineers Skill-Lync

Job Guaranteed for Engineers from Skill-Lync else Money back

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Skill-Lync is an Indian educational start up founded by Mr. Suryanarayanan and Mr. Sarangarajan that promises its students a job with the minimum salary of three Lakh CTC or a master’s admit abroad with scholarship for Mechanical Engineering students. These two men got their master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Wisconsin, USA. To improve the employ-ability skills of Indian Engineers, they started this online platform to help the students in order to give deep knowledge in the Engineering field.

These two guys left their well-paid job from USA to train the students in India. They provide different courses for Engineering Students particularly in Design, Analysis and Modelling field which are relevant to the current industry needs from the graduates. Now, they started a master’s program related to Electric vehicles which got amazing response from the students.

The courses will be suited for the students with interest in Design, Modelling, Analysing, Geometric Dimensions and Tolerance, Computational Fluid Dynamics and most importantly Electric Vehicles. The students will get their full money refund, if Skill Lync can’t place them in a top Automotive company.The founders inform in an interview that, “We want to get into biotech and chemical engineering.”

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Program Structure:

Each course has their timelines to finish and provided online. Each week the course contents are available in the website. The best thing about the course is that the students must complete the projects individually every week. The projects will be scored by the mentors, and the rank list will be updated among the peers. Every course has its unique contents related to certain fields.
Career Programs for Engineers:
1) Masters in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design and Simulation.
2) Design Engineer Masters Program
3) CFD Engineer Masters program

Masters in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design and Simulation

This course is split by 2 semesters where 1 semester longs 15 weeks long. Thus, this course can be finished within 8 months. Before each semester, students undergo rigorous classroom training at Chennai for 1 week. After completing a week of classroom training, students should study the modules online at their own pace.

Doubt Solving Techniques:
1) A supervising engineer will track the student’s progress every week and will give you a support call every alternate day to solve your doubts.
2) 24*7 Whats app support
3) Live one to one support four times a week

Modules in this course:
There are six modules in this master’s course.
1) IC Engine Power train
2) Electric Power Train
3) Advanced Vehicle Dynamics
4) Strength Calculations
5) Design and Tolerance
6) Automotive Flow Analysis
You can get the detailed information from the below website
Get more details here: courses.skill-lync > career-program > masters-in-hybrid-electric-car-vehicle-design-and-simulation

Design Engineer Master Program

This program provides in depth knowledge of Product Design with SolidWorks and NX Sheet Metal Design. The course lasts for 8 to 12 months, and it is available online. After completing this course, students can take part in placement drive which will be attended by top Automotive OEMs.

Modules in this course:
There are four modules to be completed in this course. They are:
1) Product Ideation and Design uses Solid and Surface Modelling
2) Sheet Metal basics and A to Z design process.
3) Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
4) Advanced Automotive Body in White Design

Doubt Solving Techniques:
1) Exclusive Whats app group to solve the doubts.
2) Live one to one doubt solving session four times a week.
3) Online ticketing system with Email.
To get more information about this program, visit courses.skill-lync > career-program > design-engineer-masters-program

CFD Engineer Master Program

Computational Fluid Dynamics gained reputation these days in the industries. CFD Engineer is essential for each automotive industry in order to provide the quality products to the customer. This masters program lasts up to 12 months to gain essential knowledge in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics with various software such as Python, MATLAB, Open Foam, Cantera and ANSYS Fluent. After the successful completion of this course, each student will be provided Placement opportunity by top Automotive OEMs as a CFD Engineer.

Modules in this Course:
1) Introduction to CFD using MATLAB and Open Foam
2) Advanced CFD uses ANSYS Fluent.
3) Computational Combustion uses Python and Cantera
4) Advanced IC Engine Simulation

Technical Support:
1) Exclusive Whats app group to solve the doubts.
2) Live one to one doubt solving session four times a week.
3) Online ticketing system with Email.

To get the detailed syllabus please visit this website
courses.skill-lync > career-program > cfd-engineer-career-pack

Placement Drive:
1) Top Automotive OEMs will attend the placement drive exclusively for Skill-Lync students enrolled in their master’s program.
2) Students can attend the placement drive during the last week of their course.
3) Before the start of Placement drive, students will be supported by the Career team to the fine tune their resumes.
4) Mock Interviews will be conducted by the Skill-Lync career team in order to train the students to succeed in their interviews.

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Skill-Lync Success Stories:

Many Skill-Lync students got placed in top Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers. Most of their students got admission from universities abroad with funding and scholarship. In short, Skill-Lync promises the upcoming graduates and the present graduates a good future with their career-oriented program. Skill Lync also received 4.9 out 5 stars in Google and it was given by 193 users. This massive rating portrays the quality of their course and support.

skill lync address: No.1 Gajalakshmi Nagar, Chromepet, Chennai 600044, +91 9790707274

Content Credit: Gopalakrishnan Ravichandran

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