Jobs for Indian teachers in UAE Govt. schools

Jobs for Indian teachers in UAE Govt. schools: Salary 300,000 rupees PM

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UAE government announce that there will be nearly 3,000 Jobs for Indian teachers for its government schools. And you will be surprise to hear the salary rang as well. The best and selected teachers will get higher salaries of aed 16,000 per month. Which is nearly equal to three Lakh Indian rupees. This salary is nearly 10 times higher than an India teacher earn in India.

Jobs for Indian teachers in Emirati schools are a plan to enhance education standards in government schools. The UAE Ministry of Education offers an awesome salary of aed 16,000 per month to Indian teachers.

However, many professionals think that this recruitment drive was a scam. Its all because there are many fraud cases on the name of teaching jobs in the gulf.

So it is very difficult for professionals that these are the real Jobs for Indian teachers.

A British recruitment firm Worldteachers is responsible to conduct this recruitment drive & arrange the Jobs for Indian teachers in UAE government schools. Check Worldteachers recruitment agency details and Apply for job

Some Facts About Best Indian teachers:

There are some of the best teachers in India. Who always give their 100% in order to improve the education quality and would go to great extents just to add enough practical knowledge. This knowledge would help a student in his life or may even shape his life in entirety. But here is question, what do such Gurus receives? Below are some input:

  1. Only a few students who actually appreciate the teacher, what extra effort was made. (true fact is only a few students who actually attend those classes, and even few to appreciate the hard work of teachers.)
  2. The teachers get payment, which is just enough to sustain their families but nothing more for their development. It can be personal or professional for their career.
  3. If Best Teachers were not given enough appreciation and rewards. They will surely think of alternatives that eventually would either be not good sometimes or rather more for the students who want to learn and grow in their career.

However, We belong to a country with such an ancient history and reputation of being one of the best learning destination in the world. This is very painful that we are not able to retrieve the best teachers.

Indian government should motivate the teachers enough to provide their students with the highest levels of knowledge.

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Details of Jobs for Indian teachers in UAE Government Schools:

Worldteachers recruitment agency informed that well qualified, and the successful teacher will be hired. We are very strict with the hiring process and hence choose the best candidates for UAE Government Schools.

Roddy Hammond from Worldteachers recruitment agency update that teaching in UAE government schools is quite impressive.

They use all modern facilities to educate the children. Hence, Selected teachers can also get good experience there, also can raise the education standard as well. Also, there are many teaching jobs in Dubai on our official website.

Adding more on this, Roddy Hammond inform that.

  • It will be a 2 year contact. Which can be extendable based upon performance and many other factors by school.
  • The Ministry of Education will offer salary of aed 16,000 per month.
  • Accommodation cost is not included in this salary(aed 16,000 per month).
  • A flight ticket, medical insurance and visa are include in this salary.
  • The selected teachers could be placed or transfer to any secondary-level public school in the Emirates.
  • Teachers must have degree in their specialized teaching subject or education.
  • Contracts with the candidates can begin from the end of July 2019.

Salary details for Teaching jobs in UAE:

  • Indian teachers will get around Aed 16,000 per month in this recruitment drive, which is a good amount for them to save and sent money back to India.
  • Some lower-end private schools offer a salary of Dh4,000, however this salary doesn’t include accommodation.
  • Teachers salary varies from emirates to emirates and based on the qualification of the teacher as well.
  • Abu Dhabi’s public schools offer salary in a rang for Aed 12,500 per month.
  • Some schools offer a salary of 17,000 plus accommodation, transportation as well.

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