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Big Ticket Abu Dhabi: Indian optician won 245,841,283 INR in Lottery: Dipankar Dey

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Dipankar Dey is 37 years old Indian expat. He has won Dh12 million mega lottery in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket raffle. He purchases big ticket no. 041486 online on 14th July.

Dey is living in Dubai since nine years and now he is taking home big amount of Dh12 million.

He can not express his feelings and excitement with the win. Actually he purchases Big Ticket with 11 other people, his family and friends. All the family members and friends are excited as they will get around a million dirams.

He was busy in cooking, while he got the news of the lottery. He was aware Big Ticket lottery results would declare on 3rd August 2020. Dey was cooking, while Big ticket organizer Richard call him.

Dipankar Dey informed to media that, “He is alone in Dubai as his wife Sathi Dey and daughter Tanishtha are stuck in West Bengal due to travel restrictions. Today is my off day. And I was cooking and thinking of Big ticket draw results. I was about to check the Big ticket results in a while once I was free. But when organizer Richard calls me, I quickly recognized his voice. Because I watch him in every lucky draw. I wanted to see the Big ticket draw results. So I know that some good news is about to come. I am yet to see the Big ticket live results video to hear my reactions. Dey is 37 years old & living in Dubai for past Nine years.”

He is working as optometrist for a Dubai company. Optometry is a health care profession. In which professional examining eye and applicable visual system for defects or abnormalities.

“This is the good news in this hard time of Covid19, it feels awesome. I was earning Aed 9,000 per month salary.”

He will be sharing Big ticket prize money will eleven other friends and colleagues. Dipankar Dey noted that the Big ticket jackpot had arrived at right time for everyone, all become billionaires.

We were buying Big tickets since August 2018. Due to covid19, we were facing hard time and can not afford to buy Big ticket alone. So we contribute together and buy Big ticket. There are a total of eleven people now. Everyone is going through financial issues and everyone is in tight situations. This Lucky draw brings a big relief for all of us. Our lives are secured now.

Keep on trying, never lose hope!

We always knew that one day we will win. We tried a lot but we keep buying Big tickets every month. This time one of my colleagues joined me for the first time, and he brings his luck and we won.

Dipankar Dey also informed that he has no immediate plan for the money. Everyone will be having some individual plans, we will meet, celebrate and plan.
He informs that money will used for the education of his three years old daughter. A lot of this money will go in the savings for the future. Some amount will be used for the charity as well.

However, all Six Winners of Big Ticket Abu Dhabi raffle draw No. 218 are Indians.

Next month’s Big Ticket draw

Big ticket promotion for the month of August has already been started. This will be the first time a grand prize of Dh10 Million followed by a second prize of Dh1 Million.

Anyone can buy Tickets from Big tickets official website till 31st August and Lucky draw date is 3rd September 2020.

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