Big Ticket Series 218 Winners by Guide for info

Big Ticket Series 218 Winners of AED 12 Million -Guide for info

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The Lucky draw for Big Ticket Series 218 already drawn on 3rd August 2020 at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Abu Dhabi.

The biggest prize in this lucky draw will be Aed 12 Million ($3,267,128 or 244,805,604 Indian Rupees). Big ticket draw for this series was closed on 31st July 2020. Which means that people can not buy more tickets in this series, but they can buy the ticket for next Big Ticket series 219. This Big ticket draw will be Aed 10 million and 10 big tickets will be picked.This promo will be available till 1st August to 31st August 2020.

FANTASTIC 12 MILLION WINNERS for Big ticket series 218

Grand winner of AED 12 Million is Mr. Dipankar Dey. This amount is equal to 245,955,237 Indian Rupee and $3,266,906. Team Guide4info congrats him for winning this big prize. He purchase lucky ticket number 041486 by official Big ticket website. Dipankar dey is from India. Read more details about Dipankar Dey

First Big ticket prize worth AED 100,000 won by Mr. Sujin P S. Sujin purchase this big ticket online and ticket number is 200334.

Second Big ticket prize won by Mr. Jineesh Chandran, from India. His Big ticket number is 134248. He also purchses his ticket from big ticket official website and won prize of Aed 90,000.

Third prize of Big Ticket Series 218, won by Sreerag Suresh. His lucky ticket number is 275329. He won big ticket prize Aed 80,000. Sreerag Suresh is also from India.

Fourth Big ticket big prize won by Mr. Ahmed Kabeer worth Aed 70,000. Ahmed lucky number is 165406. He is also from India.

Fifth Big ticket prize won by Mr. Nazar Palliparambil. His Big ticket number is 241046. He also purchase this ticket from big ticket official website. Nazar Palliparambil is also from India.

Big Ticket Series 218, Sixth big ticket prize won by Jenit Joseph. His lucky number is 115503, purchases his ticket from big ticket official website. He is too from India.


Mr. Bhoja Shettigara Shettigara won JEEP in Big ticket series 3. Bhoja Shettigara ticket number is 012677 and he is from India.

FANTASTIC 15 MILLION WINNERS of Big Ticket 217 series

Mr. Noufel Mayan Kalathil won the first prize from India of 15,000,000 dhiram. This amount is equal to 306,007,005 Indian Rupee or 4,083,910 United States Dollar. Noufel ticket number is 101341, he purchase his ticket from Big ticket official website.

Second big prize goes to Sanjiva Thevaindra. Sanjiva is from India, won AED 100,000. He purchases his lucky ticket from internet and has lucky big ticket number 041598.

Third big ticket winner is Mubashar Azmatullah from Pakistan. Mubashar purchase his ticket from Big ticket official website. His Big ticket number is 089227. He won AED 100,000 this amount is equal to 4,563,906 Pakistani Rupees.

Fourth biggest prize won by Jhoan Navarro. Jhoan won big prize of AED 100,000 with his lucky ticket number 217908. Jhoan Navarro is from Philippines and purchase his big ticket by official website.

Mr. Prasad Vasukutty won the Fifth prize with his big ticket number 211485. He won Aed 80,000 in lucky draw, he is from India.

Jefry George from India won the sixth big prize worth Aed 80,000. He purchases big ticket from online website. George is also from India.

Seventh Big ticket prize won by Mr. Jayachandran Thankamma Sivasankara Pillai. Jayachandran won the big ticket prize worth Aed 75,000. He is also from India, purchase ticket from Big Ticket official website.

Eighth Big ticket prize goes to Mr. Raghu Pu from India. Raghu won this prize by ticket number 157437 with prize Aed 75,000.

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Ninth prize won by Mr. Ameenul Haq Marottickal Usman with his lucky ticket 292904 and big prize is AED 75,000.

Mr. Radhakrishnan Narayanan won Tenth prize worth Aed 50,000. He is from India, purchase his ticket online, with lucky ticket number 021090.

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