Pak govt deny to evacuate pakistani due to Wuhan Virus in China.

Pak Embassy: Allah will save our students from Wuhan Virus in China

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Around 46 Million people locked in China due to Wuhan Virus. When Pakistani students contact their Embassy in China for evacuation, the Pak Embassy said,
“Zindagi aur maut Allah ke haath mein hai.”

The USA, Japan, India and other countries governments are struggling with challenge of how to get their citizens out of China’s Wuhan City.

However, the students Families are worried about them as they want them back in the home town. But Pakistani government is not evacuating anyone, leaving hundreds of its foreign students in limbo.

The Pakistani students from Wuhan release a video and inform that they are not given any food or any help by University in Wuhan. They have only limited food with them and that also not sure, how long they can manage with it.

Students also request in the video that Embassy staff is not picking up their calls at all. If Embassy pick up anyone call, they speak so rudely. And rare shops are open in Wuhan to buy stuff, and they are selling things at the higher rate.

Approximate 500 Pakistani citizens, mostly students are stuck in Wuhan, china.

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Dr. Zafar Mirza, special assistant to the prime minister on National Health Services inform to media that “We believe it is in the interest of our loved ones in China to stay there. Its in the larger interest and safety of the region, the world and the country that we don’t evacuate them now.”

This is China policy and same is ours, this is what WHO(world health organization) is saying. We stand by China in full solidarity. Right now the Chinese government is trying best to find solution of the Wuhan virus that has contained this epidemic in Wuhan City. If we act irresponsibly and mistakenly start evacuating people from there, this deadly virus will spread all over the world like wildfire,” he informs.

Dr. Mirza (Director of Health System Development) also inform that China has not allowed foreigners to travel out of China because of the same reason.

Accordingly to latest updates, other countries government are trying best efforts to evacuate their citizen out of China.

Pakistani students repeatedly request their government to evacuate them but Pak government take decision not to do so. So far five Pakistani students found positive with Wuhan Virus in China. Approximate 30,000 Pakistani citizens are present in different cities across China, most of them are students. Pakistan also suspended all flights operations from China due to Wuhan Virus outbreak.

Pakistan believes that China is the first country which has the necessary technology and health measurements to diagnose Coronavirus.

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