Coronavirus Research: Pregnant women can pass the virus to Newborn baby | Guide for info

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Health experts are continuously doing Coronavirus Research and a shocking news come. A pregnant woman infected with the coronavirus may pass it to their unborn or newborn children, doctors at the Wuhan Children Hospital said on Wednesday, According to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

Coronavirus research: Baby found infected with Virus

On 2nd, February 2020, coronavirus patient gave birth to a baby. Though the newborn was tested after 30 hours and found positive, doctors inform. The baby is the youngest person get infection by the virus. The baby’s mother was tested positive before she gave birth.

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However, the doctors said the newborn had no fever or cough and has stable vital signs but was experiencing shortness of breath. This infant has some abnormalities in liver functions and signs of infection, detected by Chest x-rays.

The chief physician of Wuhan Children Hospital’s neonatal medicine department, Zeng Lingkong inform that,”We need to care a lot as mother to child being a possible route of coronavirus transmission.”

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In another case, a baby was born healthy on 13th January 2020. However, the baby’s nanny was later diagnose with the virus and mother after few days. The baby started showing symptoms on 29th Jan 2020.

Zeng inform that we are not sure whether the baby’s nanny passes the virus to the mother. And mother passes the virus to baby. But we can confirm that baby was in close contact with patients infected with the new coronavirus. Which means that newborn can also be infected. Further Coronavirus Research is going on.

Though, none of the infected infants is in critical condition, he added.

In Singapore, a six-month-old baby found positive among four coronavirus cases. The Singapore health ministry confirm that both parents of the infant were also infected.

Worlds best virus hunters and scientists are already working on Coronavirus Research to find its vaccine. Hongkong has confirmed that they are in the mid of their research but still may take further one year. Johnson and Johnson Company have also in the race to make vaccine for this deadly virus. must check below answers:
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