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Do you know What is Moonlighting? We will explain in this article and give you latest updates as well. Please keep reading till the end of the article.

What is Moonlighting?

The process of working two jobs concurrently is known as moonlighting.

Moonlighting, according to USLegal, often refers to when a person does a second job outside of regular business hours.

As a result, a person may perform a regular 9:00 am to 5:00 pm job as their main source of income. While also working for another job at night to increase their income. Because moonlighters sometimes work for less money and are more flexible with their schedules than regular workers. Some companies encourage it as well.

There may be restrictions in place by some companies that restrict their employees from working for other jobs. These guidelines could be created due to the conflicts of interest, work performance, or improper use of an employer’s resources.

Is moonlighting legal?

According to Indian labor law, if you are working in one company, then you cannot run your own business or even find other employment. This information given by Mr. Bhagyashree Pancholy, who is a Legal Advisor, All Remotely, who spoke to Moneycontrol. However, people find out some techniques and scheme to overcome this.”

CEO of Guide4info inform that Moonlighting should not be a problem for the companies and it should be legal in India. In 21st Centaury, we are doing tremendous growth. Then what is the issue with the dual employment of the people.

IBM India opposes moonlighting, says not ethically right for full-time employees.

Global technology giant IBM has made it clear that the practice of dual employment is unethical. And that the company does not encourage such behavior at the workplace amid the continuing discussion about “moonlighting” in India.

Sandip Patel, the managing director of IBM India, claim that the more positions in India is related to cloud.
Sandip Patel, who is the managing director of IBM India, inform the reporters that this is our position now and you are already heard of Industry position.

“All of our employees sign a contract stating that they will work full-time for IBM once they start with us. Therefore, it is unethical for them to start doing second jobs, “An IBM India representative remark to Mint.

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Infosys Warns Employees Against Moonlighting. Infosys officials Says It Could Lead To Termination

According to Infosys, employees are requested not to moonlight. Moonlighting doesn’t allow according to the employees code of conduct. The human resource department informs in an email issue to the staff.

According to a story publish in the Times of India, any breach might result in strict action. It may include termination of the job as well. The email was sent to all the employees with the subject line “No moonlighting or working two jobs,”. Earlier this month, Wipro Chairman Mr. Azim Premji describe the practice as cheating.

Employees don’t allow to accept other jobs during or after business hours, according to a statement Infosys deliver to staff on Monday.

According to the Times of India story, the corporation also inform that it “strictly not allow multiple employment.”

According to the Infosys email obtain by Times of India, “it is clearly mention in your offer letter and you agree not to take additional employment. Whether it is the full-time or part-time, as employee/director/partner/member of any other organization.

And you will not engage in any kind of business activity without the approval of Infosys. The approval may be given subject to any terms and conditions that the company may think the best for you. And may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the company.

The concerns about moonlighting come into the picture when workers allow to do job from remote places during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Many businesses, mostly information technology sector find that their staff are exploiting the remote working option. And simultaneously work on projects for other clients as well.

According to the company, it would reduce productivity of the employees. Which may lead to conflicts of interest, and potentially result in data breaches as well.

Swiggy Initiative for moonlighting

There are some good companies in the world, which are promoting moonlighting. However, Swiggy is the first company in India to publicly promote moonlighting.

In August, it even introduces an industry-first “Moonlighting policy”. That encourages its employees to take on additional employment under specific conditions in order to maintain their financial stability.

Swiggy announce that the goal was to enable professionals to focus on side projects.

Wipro Chairman Azim Premji statement on moonlighting

Mr. Azim Premji, the chairman of Wipro, inform last month that having a second job on top of your current job is “plain and straightforward” cheating with the company.

According to Mr. Premji, “There is a lot of talk about people moonlighting in the IT business. This is cheating, plain and simple.”

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Moonlighting is not a new occurrence, but the preference for remote work among Indian IT workers has encouraged more people to pursue this alternative.

Han Digital, an IT talent consultancy and analytics company, has observed that three to four out of every 100 full-time employees have been working on multiple projects concurrently during the previous 12 months.

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