UK Makes £212m Commonwealth Education aid Pledge

Big News | UK Makes £212m Commonwealth Education aid Pledge

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The UK prime minister Miss Theresa May will commit for £212m for Commonwealth Education aid. This is expect to help almost one million more young girls to go to school.And definitely help them to make their bright future.Though their dream will surely come true with this small aid.

She inform, “Though Students some times leave their studies due to bias, poverty or simply the expectations of society for them”.

This comes ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London.

Previously this known as the British Commonwealth. The Commonwealth of Nations is a loose association of former British colonies. And current dependencies along with some countries that have no historical ties to Britain.

CHOGM(Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) Summit

The CHOGM(Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) summit is held every two years.This is the meeting of of the heads of government from all Commonwealth nations. Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of the Commonwealth and she attend every CHOGM meeting since beginning. she was represented by the Prince of Wales at the 2013. Sometimes the member states agree on a common idea or solution. And they release a joint statement declaring their opinion.

She Speaking to an audience including Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates. Mrs May inform that international experts agree young people need 12 years of quality education. If they are to fulfil their potential.

“Over the Commonwealth, tens of millions of young people are denied the education. That would allow them to get on in life. And mostly girls are in majority to stay without education.

Commonwealth Education aid Pledge
Commonwealth Education aid Pledge

Though She add that there will be more focus on the fight against malaria. Tell to the audiance that the Commonwealth has a particular motive to tackle the disease.

Also, Talk about the young people of the world. To securing a legacy for our children and grandchildren. without tackling a disease that worldwide. Every Two mintues One child is die.

While Announcing the £212m Commonwealth Education aid from the foreign aid budget. she will request all Commonwealth nations to agree to the 12-year goal. She call it “concrete measures that will allow it to become a reality”.

Though Young people receive only the most basic education before they force to go out of school.

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