Virtual reality surgery lets Fresher doctors practice for operations

Virtual Reality Surgery lets Fresher doctors Practice for Operations

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Advance Technology that is Virtual Reality Surgery lets Fresher doctors practice for operational reality system seems to help fresher surgeons/trainee to do their job perfectly.

To become an expert doctors, Students need to read many books. They need to watch videos, practicing on plastic models to get the expertness in their job. Though that is not enough to become an expert.

According to a research, more than 35 per cent of United States trainee/freshers surgeons are not able to perform operations alone. When they graduate from collage/University.


Virtual Reality in Surgery introduce to simulate surgical procedures with out the need of patients or animals.This new technology is found in year 2000 with the help of motion sensors for real movements. The most common method of surgery taught with this method is called laparoscopic surgery.

Use of Virtual reality surgery :

With the help of Virtual reality Surgery in medical field, Medical students, Fresher Doctors and surgeons trained in specific types of procedures/surgeries. They are train in environment similar to the reality without the need of animal or patient. They become expert in eye contact and their hand coordination to perform operation. In reality this is not possible to show operations to freshers/trainee by experts. The simulator uses a computer screen and three dimensional graphics is displayed on the screen to viewers. Various tools like surgical tools, gloves and required equipment are connected to motion sensors. User perform surgery by using these tools and viewing on the screen.

Popularity of the Technology:

Virtual reality Surgery in medical industry means to simulate procedures/operations. And train doctors with the help of it. Video game for entertainment is one of the largest industry in the world. Earlier graphics and virtual reality was not that much popular. Later with this technology invention fresh doctors shows good eye and hand coordination while performing operations. Though they can easily perform operation in real life as well.

Best Virtual reality Simulators :

Da Vinci Surgery Simulator is the best simulator for laparoscopic surgery as of Today. Trauma Center is also among the popular in medical field. Though the main purpose of this simulator is to introduce patients that have broken bones. Also suffer with accidents, internal bleeding and trauma etc.

Doctors/Surgeons  get certificates for clearing/passing these test/courses. This helps them to get practical knowledge and training as well.

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