Top LinkedIn Influencer's to follow for jobs and motivation in 2019

Top LinkedIn Influencer’s to follow for jobs & motivation

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After doing research on LinkedIn, I thought to update the list of Top LinkedIn Influencer to follow in 2020. Everyone, who is searching for a job, must connect or follow all these people. Engage with them, start conversation with some polite words. Below is the details for you to follow.

How to Use LinkedIn properly?

Before dive into the details, I would like to inform you that how you can use this platform wisely. There are 500 Million active users on LinkedIn but most of them don’t know how to utilize this platform properly. Many people use this website as a job searching website only. But trust me this platform is more than that. Job seekers must follow Top LinkedIn Influencer’s, engage with them. Like, Comment, Share their post.

Below is the details of Top LinkedIn Influencer’s, which will be helpful for every user  to connect/follow, no matter which industry you belongs to. For more details, please read How to use LinkedIn effectively

Sudip Dasgupta

Mr. Sudip belongs to IT industry and have 18+ years of national & International experience. He is always ready to help job seekers.  Sudip is the Top LinkedIn Influencer and you must connect with him for jobs updates and career guidance for your bright future. Click here to read his more interesting details and follow him.

Saheb Youssef Bakhsh

At present, Mr. Saheb is the Head of Sales in Singapore and has strong experience in Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Marketing & Branding & Commercial Growth.

His ability to lead by example has given him the opportunity to lead teams of more than 100 people across his 15 plus year career.

During his childhood, his dream was to become a fighter pilot for his country.

His extensive experience along with his well traveled persona to over 15 countries worldwide has enabled him to have a strong network of friends. And associates in every continent apart from Antarctica. Saheb is a chameleon and highly adaptable in every situation.

He is currently in transition mode and open to opportunities with an ambitious company which is looking at expanding its footprint worldwide and he is ready to relocate for the right opportunity with his family.

Message for Job Seekers: Keep Trying, Stay Positive, Be Motivated, Keep Enhancing your skills and Help Others at every possible moment. One can only Rise by Raising Others around them. #RiseAndRaise. Check Saheb LinkedIn profile

Nitin Saini – Top LinkedIn Influencer

Famous name on LinkedIn to discuss career guidance, jobs updates. He is very humble and pleasant personality. Connect/Follow him and know more about him.


  • Test Management
  • Database Testing
  • Mainframe Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Banking/Credit Cards/Merchant Acquiring Domain

Experience – 9 years 10 months in Infosys (India)

Life Story of Nitin Saini : 9 years and 10 months experience in Infosys and got job during 2009 recession period, Infosys and TCS were only companies which fulfilled placements..have experience change in my company, internal politics, Policies changes.Believe that one needs to be true to yourself and believe that Your Day will come.
Qualification – B.Tech in Electronics and Communication branch.

  • Gaming.
  • Drawing
  • Reading Fantasy Novels.

Check Nitin LinkedIn profile

Gurdayal Singh

He is Having 6+ years of international experience in IT(Information Technology) Department.

Life Story:
In his childhood, he did not get chance to play, enjoy like other kids. Every morning, he carries vegetables on his bicycle for 5 kilometers and sells that in the vegetable market before going to school. In winters, it was extremely difficult to drive bicycle in the dense fog with bare hands.

He passed his 10th class with good marks and got merit in 12th with Physics, chemistry & mathematics subjects.
Completed B.Tech(bachelors of Technology) in Computer Science & Engineering from LPU(lovely Professional University). Along with study, he participated in games.

  • Played One All India inter-University athletics (1500m) in Chennai.
  • Selected two North east Zone kho-Kho games in Raipur(Chattisgarh) & in Sirsa(Haryana).
  • Winner of Gold & Silver Medal in Kho-Kho in Inter Department competition in LPU.

He is helping job seekers on the regular basis. Regularly posting & sharing jobs in his profile, giving career advice to students and job seekers as well. Check Gurdayal LinkedIn Profile

Lalit Vyas

Mr. Lalit Vyas is a life long learner. He has mention on his LinkedIn profile that, “I never lose, I either win or I learn”. He post job seekers detailn on his LinkedIn profile and always ready to assist them.You will surely happy to connect/Follow him.

Skills: artificial intelligence , machine learning, data science, computer vision, natural language processing(NLP), chatbots

Experience: 2 years. He has done so many courses.

Qualification: in Petroleum

Hobbies: Book reading(psychological, biographies, human behavior, business oriented, marketing, technical), investing time in improving human values or for social welfare. Check Lalit LinkedIn Profile

Avaneesh Kumar Mishra

Mr. Avaneesh is a charming personality and one of the best helping hand for job seekers. He always sharing the jobs posts and helping job seekers around the world. below is the interesting and inspiring details about him.

Traveling, meditation, movies, the internet, Surfing beaches.


  • MBA in Marketing and MA in English. (both attested).


07 years work experience as Purchasing Supervisor/PRO in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Purchasing, Procurement, Negotiation, Stores, Inventory, Administration, PRO.

Now he has become Top LinkedIn Influencer for others to help and support. Check Avaneesh LinkedIn profile

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Lunaram Bana

Jobs seekers must follow/connect him for jobs updates. He is active member of LinkedIn.

Education: Bachelor of Technology (mechanical Engineer)

Experience: Fresher

Personal Skills
• Quality of Work, Problem Solving Skill, Creativity, Flexibility, Team Work, Honesty, Work Ethics, Discipline, Good Learner as well as Good Listener.

Technical Skills :
• Have knowledge about CNC Machine Programming.
• Strong knowledge of Mechanical Engineering domain.

Area of Interest
• Automotive, Production, Manufacturing, Maintenance, QA/QC, Designing, SCM

• Reading Newspaper
• Helping the job seekers

Check here, Lunaram LinkedIn profile

Geetha Plackal

Additional skills and interests:
Advice and motivate researchers and companies for completing their projects.
• Inspire others to do work for conservation and wise use of Earth’s natural resources and betterment of society.
• Active in social sites for promoting the companies to grow their business for women and child empowerment.


BSc and MSc , Zoology (Ichthyology and Fisheries Science), BEd (natural Science), MPhil (aquatic Biology and Fishery Science with specialization in Soft Coral Taxonomy).
PhD in Zoology (Specialization in Estuarine and Marine Benthic Community Ecology and taxonomy).
• The blog writing.
• Drawing and painting.
• Writing poems and stories to inspire others about importance of nature conservation. Check here, Geetha LinkedIn profile

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