Sudip Dasgupta - LinkedIn Influencer to follow for Jobs & Motivation

Sudip Dasgupta – LinkedIn Influencer to follow for Jobs & Motivation

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Mr. Sudip Dasgupta belongs to Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He has 18+ years of experience in IT industry. Sudip is always ready to help others especially job seekers. He is very active on LinkedIn and sharing jobs post on his profile. Job seekers must connect/reach to him for jobs updates & career guidance in IT department. Below is further interesting details about him.


  • Delivery Management.
  • Project Management.
  • IBM MQ.
  • Shell Scripting.
  • AWS Architecture.
  • Block chain Consulting.
  • Leadership skills.


Sudip Dasgupta has 18+ years of experience in various companies like Cognizant Technology Solutions, Ushacomm India Pvt. Ltd. and DigitalThink Inc. Also have onsite working experience in USA and Europe for multiple years.


B.Sc. from Kolkata University and MCA from IGNOU.


  • Listening and giving Leadership Lectures.
  • Helping people.
  • Reading books .
  • Spending time with family.

Life Story of Sudip Dasgupta

Sudip never dreamed that he would land-up in the IT Industry. His passion was always sports and he always dreamed of being a sportsman. Still he looks for avenues through which he can get himself associated with anything related to sports. It is by sheer accident that he landed up in IT Industry.

School days of Sudip Dasgupta

He is not from a very well to do family and neither he was very good in studies. Sudiip father worked for a private company and his childhood days were of financial struggle. His parents, however, pushed him to complete his graduation in a government college as they couldn’t afford to put him in any private engineering or medical college. Neither he was so bright to get into IAS or IPS category. However, his parents always encouraged him to be honest, dedicated, sincere and kind hearted in whatever he did in life.

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Sudip Dasgupta Career Details

By sheer luck one of his father’s friend knew a kindhearted HR Manager in a big Software company in Kolkata. So one day after Sudip completed his graduation his father’s friend requested this kind HR Manager if he can consider Sudip for any small job in his company. The kind HR Manager agreed. He called Sudip for an interview. The interview went well, but not that great to lead up to a job offer for Sudip. However before the interview ended when the HR Manager asked Sudip if he had anything to say before closing, Sudip told him “Sir I know I am just an ordinary guy and I thank you for your kindness to call me for an interview. I also know I can not offer you any special skills that a hundred other candidates can offer, but Sir if you can provide me with an opportunity, show some trust on me and assign me some responsibility, I can do magic for you”. He doesn’t know what the HR Manager saw in him, but he bagged the job and as promised it was complete magic that he did.

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Clients review for Sudip Dasgupta

His clients loved him. His co-workers adored him and he did fantastically well in his career. He went from strength to strength and now has spent 18+ years in the IT industry. Sudip has traveled the world, met with people and always tried to learn new things from everyone on the way. He now lives in Kolkata with his wife and a son who is 8 years old. But he didn’t forget his roots, he still remembers the warm & caring attitude of the HR Manager who gave him the first opportunity. Though he thinks he can never show such a warm heart like the HR Manager, but he tries to help everyone in his personal and professional life in whatever small ways he can. He believes as human beings we are not the smartest, not the fastest and neither the strongest, it is only by helping each other in our small and limited ways we survive as a race.

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