Superman' Actress Margot Kidder Dead- but How did she die

‘Superman’ Actress Margot Kidder Dead: but How did she die?

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And the tragic news is ‘Superman’ Actress Margot Kidder Dead. One of most beautiful actress Margot Kidder is also famous for Black Christmas. Also she play leading lady role in the Superman 1978. superman film was very popular at that time. She perform with Christopher Reeve. Superman Actress Margot Kidder died at the age of 69 years. She was world wide known American-Canadian activist & actress.

Her death is confirm by her manager Camilla Fluxman Pines. But she did not declare the reason of her death.Kidder Dead sleep well on saturday night but she found dead on Sunday at her home Livingston, Mont. She was cure with orthomolecular medicine as she has some mental health issues since long time.
Actress Margot Kidder Dead, this news spread across the world like fire. Recently she work in the show ‘The Vagina Monologues on Broadway’.

Birth & Early Life activities

She born on October 17, 1948 in Canada. Her Mother was a teacher and father Kendall was a explovise expert. Her parents sent her to boarding school in Toronto for early studies.she shows interest in the drama and acting. Though She start acting in school plays. After that She join the University of British Columbia.

Initially she get low budget films in the film industry. In the beginning of 1960’s & mid of 1970’s,she appear in more than 130 films and television shows. She work in the first movie which is 49 minute long. That’s a Canadian drama comedy.

Ms Margot Kidder was diagnose with bipolar disorder. She openly talk about it in the public. Though she use word ‘mental illness’ to talk about her mental illness.We would like to inform the users that bipolar disorder is a mental disorder which causes depression.

Reason for bipolar disorder can be anything. It may be due to hours of non stop working or long term stress. Once Ms Kidder suffer with some career setback in 1996. She work in small TV serials like Smallville, Sisters, Black Christmas, Kathy Lutz and list is so long. She work nicely in the movies till 1980.

In the year 2002, she perform in the stage show “The Vagina Monologues”. Richard Donner direct one movie, which is most expensive at that time.’Superman’ is the second highest revenue movie of the year.Ms Kidder perform with James Brolin in the movie The Amityville Horror.

Personal Life

Ms Margot Kidder date with Top class people including Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau, directors Steven Spielberg, Brian De Palma. She get Mary and divorce three times in her life. Ms kidder had good relationship with her Superman star Christopher Reeve. She mention that, “He is such a huge pert of my life, smart”
She met with a car accident in the year 1990. Due to which she unable to work for next two years. And this accident cause her financial problems in her life.

She receive the United States citizenship in the year 2005. She lived in Montana till her last breath. Also she won a Daytime Emmy Award for her performance on the children’s television series in the year 2015. Actor Mark Hamill tweet on twitter “She was one of the kindest and most caring person”.

Last Movie before Actress Margot Kidder Dead

Her last movie was Canadian drama movie’The Neighborhood’, in the year 2017, Frank D’Angelo is director.

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