Diane Keaton Kiss Jimmy Kimmel As an Excuse for Her New Movie

Diane Keaton Kiss Jimmy Kimmel As an Excuse for Her New Movie

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While taking about the upcoming Book club film, Most famous star Diane Keaton feeling flirty. Book club movie release date is decide on 18th May 2018 by Paramount Pictures. Diane Keaton kisses Jimmy Kimmel on the live screen. While taking about Book club cast, She tell that this is a comedy movie which is written by Bill Holderman. Vidos of her kiss is viral on the social media and youtube. Book club trailer 2018 is already available on the youtube.

In the Ellen DeGeneres Show, She ask her to hook her up on a date. She feels like Ellen DeGeneres is the perfect to find suitable match for her. Miss Keaton also inform Ellen a place that where she wants to touch a man.

On Wednesday, She visit Jimmy Kimmel in the live Show. Though it seems like she already decide to create a flirty scene her co star Andy Garcia.

Miss Keaton starts the video by asking Jimmy “Can I talk about Andy Garcia”, Jimmy replied”yeah Ofcourse, I know Andy Garcia”. “Because I like Andy Garcia better than you”, said Miss Keaton. Keaton reply “Well I dont blam him, He is a very dashing man”.Then Keaton said,”Oh yeah, You are telling me this”. Do you wants to know what happen between me and Andy in the movie?

YES!, Jimmy reply.

Diane Keaton,”You want me to do that with you right now”?.

Jimmy “Yes, Okey”.

Then Keaton starts speaking, “At the end of the movie I have extremely fun moments for me. Me and Andy Garcia together and I am kissing”.

“You go stand up there, Stand up right now”, Audiance laugh and clapping.

Keaton tell to the audiance “Okey, I am Andy Garcia for a moment”.

“Usually men does this, but in this perticular moment women and She smile herself. (I did not have hat on my head, So I am not looking like a witch)” .

What is Andy character name in this movie and what is my motivation here, ask Keaton.

Don’t know character name, you are just a man.Audiance cheers and clapping too much.

I am standing like this and look his face and i am excited to touch his beard, Diane Keaton.

This is not my turn to do that, usually man does that. She hold Keaton face in her hands and hat comes in between. She Laugh too much on the screen.

Finally she hold tight and kiss his lips. Audiance screams.

Andy Garcia is so much loose in the movie not like you, you are stiff.

Well, thanks for that and I will look that kiss in the slow motion, Keaton tell to the audiance while smiling and laughing.

Book club movie 2018 release date is on 18th May 2018. After that Keaton will have lots of time to flirt her on later shows.

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Book Club (film) cast

In this comedy movie four women spend their lives attending a book club. First day they spend by reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”. They feel excitement by the contents. All ladies feel this as a wake up call in their life. They decide to enjoy their life.

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