Winners of White point system get award by Dubai Police

Drive Safe and win Awards : Dubai Police

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Imagine, you drive safe on the roads and win big prizes?. It seems like dream only!!. But this is true as Dubai Police introduce white points system for drivers.In this system motorists get rewards from Dubai Police who did not commit traffic violation for a whole year.

White point system initiative by Dubai Police

Initially White point system introduce at regional level. Since 2013 white point system record 65,298 drivers. Out of these drivers 50,576 drivers are men and rest are women drivers. 1500 drivers get awards in 2014 for their safe driving. And number of drivers win this awards increasing every year.Which is a plus point for community safety on the roads. 1800 drivers get award in 2015, 2000 drivers in the next year 2016. 2600 drivers in the last year 2017.

The Dubai Police Traffic Department updates that this is sixth year in the white point system. The main motive of this system is to ensure safety of yourself and all road users. Each and every year careful and safe drivers are awarded for their achievement.

Drive Safe and win Awards - Dubai Police
Drive Safe and win Awards – Dubai Police

Youth Amanah 2018 Programs by Dubai Police

There is a “Youth Amanah 2018” initiative for the drivers comes in the age limit 18 to 21 years. And have temporary driving licence.These all prizes are sponsored by the Habtoor Group. 2600 drivers get the awards in the year 2017 for zero violation on the road and get 24 white points each. Al Habtoor mention that white point system is very effective for the drivers to follow road rules and regulations. Each year there is less traffic violations in the country. which is very good to motivate others also. Let others also learn and follow the traffic rules.

As per the records, more than 12,000 drivers did not commit any traffic violation in the last year. All the white point system winners get surprise gift and certificate as well.

On 13th November 2017,10 drivers win 1,000 dirhams as cash prize to follow traffic rules. This campaign initiated by Mobil 1 Goldstar. All the users are closely observe. We encourage people to follow traffic rules and violate fines. These

Selection criteria for RTA White Point System by Dubai Police

There are some criteria for selection users to give prizes.Few of the reasons are “Child seat in the vehicle,not using mobile while driving, using proper indicators and follow line discipline, wearing seat belts,maintain roads speed limits as per authorities”.

Motorists must having own valid driving licence in Dubai. Also having registration license of the vehicle is eligible for white point system. Every eligible users get 2 white points every month. Which makes a total of 24 white points in the year. if user make any traffic rule violation then one point cut from the total. At the year end total white points are calculated for users and motorists with maximum white points are awarded.

Though follow traffic rules will help you well other users as well on the Dubai roads, A senior Dubai Police Officials inform.The winner Maher Saad confuse when he get call from Police senior officials”I was shocked and thinking that I did some mistake on the road”.But when he hear the he is the winner to follow all traffic traffic rules. He was so happy to win the prize.

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Winners Reactions after winning big Awards from Dubai Police

People under the White point initiative win big car in Dubai. He receive a call from Dubai police Senior officials.  He did not receive his ears as he win the car in the surprise. Major-General Al Zafein uploaded a video on the twitter and assure that this is true.

In the year 2017, Emirati Dr Fatima Darwish Al Emmadi won the big prize as a Hyundai Veloster.

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