Huge destruction in Kenya Dam bursts

Kenya Dam bursts its banks : Huge Destruction

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This is very tragic news that Kenya Dam bursts its banks that cause huge destruction.As per the reports, 10 people die and many more missing in the mud. Patel Dam bursts is in Solai, Nakuru.This dam burst overnight in a Kenyan town due to heavy rain. Water enter in to the dense villages and destroying buildings.”There is every where mud and it we can’t even move”, a local resident inform.

This tragedy happend on Wednesday night in Solai, Nakuru county. Which is 190 kilometer north west of the capital Nairobi in Kenya. Almost hundreds of homes sweep away. However this include the expansive Nyakinyua Farm as well.

Lee Kinyajui who is the governor of Nakuru inform that overflow water cause huge lose of property and life. The extent of lose yet to count in the affected areas.We request people to be careful in this difficult situation. We will do our best to rescue each and everyone who are affected.

Karanja Kibicho, Interior Principal Secretary inform that they distribute food worth Sh600 millions to the affected people.

carrying people to safe places when Huge destruction in Kenya Dam bursts
carrying people to safe places when Huge destruction in Kenya Dam bursts

Rescue operations and Red cross update that they rescuse 40 people from the mud so far.All these people admit to the hospital.Still many more lifes may be trape in the mud.

“As of now 20 dead bodies recover from mud”, inform by Rongai OCPD Mr Japheth Kioko.

Officials inform that at least 140 people die and more than 2,60,000 affected due to natural disaster’s. Whether department warns people that more heavy rain can come in next few days.

“Don’t go out in the forest or away from your home in the heavy rain stay at your home”,Whether department request to the people.

As per the United Nations office in Nairobi 32 counties are badly affected due to heavy rain in the country.

Heavy rain cause huge desctruction in Kajiado County. Where several homes wash in away and cover in the mud. More then 5 schools are close due to heavy rain in Kajiado County.

Closed Schools List as Kenya Dam bursts

In Magadi, four public and one private school is close. Many more can be close with a sudden order. The schools which are close are Oloibortoto primary & secondary schools, Paterson Secondary School, Entasopia Primary School,Pakase & Ilkiramatian primary schools, Memusi Academy. Students are not going to school due to heavy rain which is causing their attendance lose.

Other schools which can be close with a sudden notice are : Orchard and Ideal academies, private institutions such as Kitengela International School, Acacia Crest Academy which is near the Nairobi Namanga road.
Kiserian and Ongata Rongai Residents Association inform that same issue is repeating again and again but authorities done nothing to avoid this situation. Almost every season huge rain is coming and people died. But not action so far.

There is low water level in the Ndakaini Dam even after huge rain. And authorities will keep pumping water in the dam to increase its water level.before water level cut in the damn. And its level only 21 percent & with in a year only 9% water rise. Before there was poor rain in the area and dam was safe and no fear of Kenya Dam bursts.

This huge destruction occure in the country due to heavy rain, which was unexpected.

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