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130 kg actor Ram Kapoor’s new look surprised Everyone

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Indian Actor Ram Kapoor, who has played important roles in the Indian TV serials ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’ and ‘Kasam Se’, surprised everyone with his body transformation.

When he last appeared in Ekta Kapoor’s show ‘Kar Le Tu Bhi Mohabbat’ and Ayush Sharma’s debut film ‘Lovayatri’, he was overweight. A few days ago he uploaded some of his pictures, which people were surprised to see. Born on 1st September 1973. Today is Ram Kapoor’s birthday.

In the year 2017 on social media, he shared many pictures of himself sweating in the gym. Ram Kapoor has been working on his fitness for a long time. Losing weight was not easy for Ram Kapoor. He spoke to Mumbai Mirror about his visit.

He said that ‘my weight was 130 kg before. I wanted to lose my weight to be 25-30 kg. I decided that if I want to achieve my weight loss goal, I need to take time off work. Though, approximate time for this would be from about 6 months to a year.

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Ram Kapoor told about his routine that ‘I get up as early as possible in the morning and do weight lifting for an hour on an empty stomach. Then I do cardio just before bed at night.

I eat very limited food during the day time up to 8 hours. The rest of the 16 hours I do not eat anything. I have avoided dairy, oil, mostly carbs and sugar. As soon as I decided, I stopped eating normal food.


Mr. Kapoor also wrote that ‘I knew it was going to be very difficult. Stopping work altogether for such a long time is a difficult decision. I have been an unhealthy person in the last 10 years of my career.

I am grateful that my fans accept me. The way I was and that was my career.


At one point it had to happen, and I had to take a decision to be fit. Once I made this decision, it became my priority.

He informs that ‘both the audience and the industry accepted what I looked like.

Once I start looking fit, I have to become stronger as an actor. I have to make a different image of myself.

For the last 10 years, I will not be able to roll the kind of rolls that I was getting. It might be difficult, but it has made me excited about this transformation.

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