Indian PM Narendra Modi with Malcolm Turnbull take Metro Ride

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian minister Malcolm Turnbull on Monday evening took a metro ride from Delhi’s Mandi House till Akshardham station.

Turnbull together take a selfie with PM Modi during the ride. The two leaders were later give a guide tour of Akshardham temple. Both leaders offered prayers before proceeding to sit at the temple in the peaceful environment. The two were seen deeply engross in conversation while posing for photographs.


Earlier, the two countries inked six pacts including one to boost cooperation in counter-terrorism. Turnbull, Hope the two countries would come together for trade, development & combating human trafficking, money laundering and other issues.

He congratulated PM Modi for taking the initiative and launching the global solar alliance. On education, Prime Minister Turnbull said his government and nation will continue to ensure that we provide outstanding opportunities for Indian students.

In his statement, PM Modi concentrate on peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. He state the challenges like terrorism and cyber security require global strategy and solutions. “We are aware that in this globalized world challenges like terrorism  and cyber security extend beyond boundaries of our regions,” Modi said.

Video of Malcolm Turnbull with Mr. Modi

After that India visit of Malcolm Turnbull to India, UAE king also visit India. Though other World leaders also visit the Indian different states.

MR. Malcolm Turnbull visit to India strength the both countries relationship. it will be in IT(information technology), medical field and other several fields as well.

“It was very pleasant time in India to view its natural beauty around. India is rich of natural resources. There are various fields/Places to visit around. Indeed other Australian must visit India to view these “MR. Malcolm Turnbull added. Mr. Modi visited the places with him and show him various places by himself.

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