You can go Canada at in Two Weeks

Now You can go Canada in Two Weeks for Employment

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Indian tech talent has more reason to choose Canada over the United States of America. Times of India report the Great White North is set to make its Global Talent Stream scheme permanent. This will be a move that will expedite residency applications of professionals from STEM backgrounds. Under the GTS(global Talent Stream), work permits are processed within two weeks compared to the standard six months. Indians are the largest group qualifying for permanent Canadian residency under Express Entry as compared to other nationalities. All the professionals are accounting for 42% of all invites.
Applicants already facing H-1B visa process issues. The Donald Trump Administration will add another process, which is pre-registration.
That’s also because several H-1B holders in the US are trading in their American dream due to a long green card backlog.

Canada keeps records of its talent in the talent pool. Which is effective for students and people from STEM background and if there is the offer from companies it will get processed in just two weeks. Canada is out to take advantage of people not getting US visa. Good for it’s economy to expand with immigrants in highly skilled areas. There are a lot of jobs in Canada for foreigners.

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Global Talent Stream (GTS) programme:

Under these program technical professionals including technology, engineering or mathematics can avail the work facility in less time and efforts. Now in this updated program, application process will take only few two weeks. The experts, who will work in this program and give direction to professionals are the experience in Canada. There are many options for the job in this country for Indian fresher candidates.

Canada GTS (Global Talent stream) System Details:

  • There are two categories, Category A for innovative firms seeking to hire unique and specialized candidates around the world.
  • However, category B for companies seeking to fulfill the short supply occupations.
  • At-least 80,000 CAD(Canadian dollar) salary is require by the firm for first two applications, under the category A.
  • However, CAD 150,000 salary is require under category B.
  • Both Category A and B are ideal for STEM candidates, Who are willing to move Canada.
  • The work duration is maximum for 2 years and later on employees can choose to go for permanent residency.
  • GTS create 40,000 new jobs for the Canadian and permanent residents.

As per one report of 2011, there are total 34,000 African in this beautiful country. Biggest south African community in Canada is in Ontario. What to expect when moving to Canada from south Africa? Answer of this question is, African citizens require a valid visit visa in order to enter Canada.
There are many Canadian companies operating in south Africa and they transfer the employee to this country from South Africa. However, many job options available for south African in USA. But professionals choosing Canada over USA.
This country south Africa visa requirements are less as compared to Europe or USA. South African engineers in Canada are more welcome, they can get 6 month visit visa to explore the country.

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Mr. Ahmed Hussen, minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC) inform that, We are inviting most highly skilled people of the world.

There are many companies hiring under GTS program. IBM, Deloitte Canada, Gartner, PrintFleet Inc, TMX Group Limited, etc. However, Many other companies also hiring under this program.

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