Cricket Legend MS Dhoni

7 Best Lessons You can Learn from the Legend MS Dhoni

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What MS Dhoni has taught me in real life. Since his Jersey no is 7 and my favorite no is 7 too, I’ve shared 7 Lessons MS taught me about real-life with this article. The post might look lengthy, but MSD lovers won’t get bored. While reading as every single point relates to each and everyone alive.

1 Always prioritise your Country: He’s the one who gives the message through his own actions. He’s one of the reasons why I believe that athletes do serve country by playing with commitment. MS Dhoni was in Australia for #WC2015 when his wife, Sakshi gave birth to their 1st daughter. He wasn’t even carrying his phone to have his full focus on ongoing WC (world cup) and Raina had to convey him this news.

Being dad for 1st time is such a precious moment for any man but in his opinion, he was on National duty. Country comes first, everything else can wait. MSD even uses gloves with Camouflage while keeping wickets. Everybody knows his love for Army and after retirement he’s going to serve country by joining military. Isn’t such patriotism worth applicable for we people too?

2. Treat Success and Failure in same way:

From past few years I haven’t seen MS celebrating after winning and neither does he react anything after loss. His reactions are always limited to some extent.

The biggest lesson is that treating both in similar manner keeps us well on the ground. Success has ruined more people than failure and most importantly. Rather than shouting after success or sitting in a corner after failure. Neutrally dealing with the situation is respected more.

3. Cold blooded persons are most dangerous persons: Cold blooded tortoise had beat fast and furious rabbit in racing. MS Dhoni is well-known for his calmness on the field. Reporters even try to smash him down the ground off-field. But he’s very much famous for his witty replies. We’ve witnessed the best example of this when MSD smashed an Australian reporter with ‘that’ act in the press conference after semi-final defeat in T20 WC 2016.

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Somebody has said that people with unstable mind can’t take right decisions. However, staying calm under pressure can make you successful because you develop optimism. Having an optimistic outlook is important quality of an effective leader. Even Virat Kohli wants calm MSD to bat down the order in pressure situations. Kyuki Mahi bhai jesa koi hardich nahi hai.

4. There is always scope for Creativity:

Have you ever wondered why miracles are seen only when MSD is there behind the wickets? He always brings something creative to the table be they catches or run outs or stumping. He even stops ‘let-cut’ shot with the help of his legs. Creative activities always help us to acknowledge and celebrate our own uniqueness and diversity.

However, no matter how simple a thing looks, there is always something you can do with it to make it better. Creativity encourages self-expression. Just look around, and you’ll see a lot of things you can modify but nobody cares about them. But if you do something to it, you’ll be known for a long. Just give it a Try.

5. The Process is more important than result: This is what Dhoni frequently says and he does stand with it too. Result is always that makes count, but process followed can give you long-term benefits. Often, we hear that MSD is losing his finishing ability with age but in my opinion. He has started the process where he’s preparing new boys for finishing games. We don’t see that when boys like Kedar Jadhav, DK, Jaddu. And Bhuvi hit hard in last overs, MS Dhoni stands on the other end to guide them.

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How does it relate to life? We give up after failure, but the life says, ‘You’ve to lose small wars to win a battle”. And we don’t look at long-term effects of our gains from that loss.

6. A Leader should lead by Example:

The team won’t respect the captain because he’s captain. But will respect him when he’ll show his character by the example. My dad isn’t the person of many words, but he makes his point by his own example. It took MS Dhoni 42 innings to be No. 1 ODI batsman and soon he took over captaincy. Even seniors played under him.

The point I want to make is that he had capacity to take responsibility and to finish the job. He proved his worth by performances. He showed them something what the whole team believed to follow.

7. No matter how you start, finish it like Dhoni: Dhoni is the first name that comes to the mind when I hear finishing. When 2 runs are required from six balls and MS is on strike, all we expect is monstrous SIX from him. We don’t give much importance to how he has played in that inning. You might not get good start in any phase of life. But if it doesn’t finish well then you are responsible for that.

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I will tell you one, “If you are born poor then it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor then it’s definitely your mistake.” How you finish, it does reflect your character. Proper finishing can isolate you from most of the people.

Many more lessons to take from him but I think above 7 highlight his personality. Let me know if you have observed some other qualities in him which could be adopted in real life.

Content Credit: Mr. Siddhesh Borkar from Dhule, Maharashtra, India. He is a Student, Blogger, Campus Ambassador with TPO, Electronics dept. head of Aero-Designing team Aero falcons. And top of that, he is a big fan of MS Dhoni.

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