Agent Smith Malware

Agent Smith Malware can sneak in your phone, 25 Million Phones affected

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Check Point Research claims that 25 Million devices has been affected by Agent Smith Malware. This is a new type of smartphone malware, which has affected 15 million devices, only in India.

Check Point is a world leader in providing cyber security, worked with Google to find solution for this malware. In USA, 3 lakh devices are said to be affected. That’s why, this is the worst attacks on Android operating system in the recent time.

Mr. Jonathan Shimonovich, Head of Mobile Threat Detection Research at Check Point inform that Agent Smith Malware originally downloaded from the widely used third-party application store, 9Apps.

How Agent Smith Malware spread in devices?

This malware disguises(give a different appearance in order to conceal one’s identity.) itself a google related application, when you touch that application its spread Android vulnerabilities in your device and automatically replaces installed apps in your device with malicious versions.

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However, the users can not even predict its presence in their devices.

What is the purpose of Agent Smith Malware?

This malware is capable of hiding its icon from the phone’s launcher and appear as any other popular application like Facebook, WhatsApp to serve advertisements. However, this malware can also send money back to the hackers, as per a typical pay per click system.

Primary purpose of this malware is to show fraudulent ads for financial gain. But hackers can use this more intrusive purposes also, such as banking credential theft and eavesdropping(act of secretly or stealthily listening to the private conversation).

How can you find Presence of Agent Smith Malware in your device?

While opening WhatsApp application, do you see any advertisement popping up? If yes, then your device is affected by deadliest Agent Smith Malware. Once this malware is sneak in your device, then you can see ads popping up while opening other applications as well.

Who are the Victims of Agent Smith Malware?

Mr. Jonathan Shimonovich informs that this malware targeted Hindi, Arabic, Russian and Indonesian-speaking users as of now. Most of the users affected by this malware are Indians.

However, it affected 15 million devices in India. But Pakistan and Bangladesh also impacted. Users from UK, Australia and the US also impacted as well.

How to prevent Agent Smith Malware from my device?

1) Download the applications from trusted app stores to mitigate the risk of malware infection.
2) Suggestion, You doesn’t download applications in your device from third party app stores. As there may be lack the security measures, can spread malware in your device.
3) Avoid adware loaded application in your device. As hackers can easily use these applications to spread deadliest malware.
4) Always use of Threat prevention applications

Most Dangerous Malware:

  • Lotoor.
  • Gooligan.
  • Hummingbad.
  • CopyCat.

These malware used infected devices to generate fake ad revenue

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