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Big debate is continue with world’s top professionals on the topic,”Are resume red flags deal breakers.”Here are some insights.

Natasha Bowman

Natasha Bowman says in a viral post that The people who don’t meet all the requirements of an available job may be the best candidates. Sharing her experience with people, she mention that “In my experience as an HR leader and as a hiring manager, it’s those that typically don’t get a ‘shot’ who tend to kick butt in the workplace,”.

Hundreds of other Professionals around the world weighed in with their own opinions and experiences about hiring processes.

Miss Natasha Bowman belongs to Greater New York City Area wrote that its not necessary that someone must have college degree to get selected. Natasha Bowman is a TedX & Keynote Speaker, Trainer, career Consultant and Forbes Contributor.

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Below are her more views on this topic

  • Someone is hired in my company that didn’t shake my hand firmly during the interview and later he rocked as an employee in our organization.
  • Many times, I hired candidates with three typos on their resume. I gave her a chance to work with us and now she is the most detailed oriented person I have ever worked with.
  • Someone is hired without a college degree, He was way smarter, innovative, and creative than me. And now adding more values to our organization.
  • As per requirements, I hired someone with four kids. I have Never met someone like her. She is so devoted and committed in her career.
  • I hired someone who has been in prison since young age. With his dedication and determination, he is a VP(Vice President) now.
  • Someone is hired over 60 years. She taught me some new formulas of excel that I use to this day.
My point is, can we please throw out all those silly assumptions and rules that we have made up in our head about what a person needs to be, look like, have accomplished and do to succeed?

Adding more on deal breakers, In my experience as an HR leader and as a hiring manager, it’s those that typically don’t get a “shot” who tends to kick butt in the workplace!

However, before throwing some resume that don’t have every certificate and degree. Or if a candidate didn’t give you a firm handshake, think about trying something new. Someone new that can add value to your company in future.

Shana Lebowitz Gaynor

She is from Greater New York City Area, working as Correspondent at Business Insider give her review as well. We basically throw resume out the door.” She has given good insight related to resume deal breakers.

That’s what Basecamp CEO Jason F. told Wharton’s Stew Friedman on an episode of the Work and Life podcast.

If you’re applying for a job at Basecamp, it doesn’t matter if you went to Harvard or didn’t attend college at all. Fried thinks that’s more or less irrelevant to your ability to thrive at the web development company.

A piece of paper called, resume “doesn’t say everything real about what someone’s capable of,” Fried told Friedman. Instead, Basecamp has job candidates complete a sample project and walk the hiring managers through it in a written summary.

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Brigette Hyacinth on deal breakers

She is from Trinidad and Tobago mention her reviews as well. She is one of the best keynote speakers.
30 INTERVIEWS and no one HIRED! Still that HR telling that she can not find good talent. My point is, If you interview 30 people and did not find a single person to hire, then start looking in the mirror. The problem is recruiters and hiring managers are looking for the “Perfect” candidate. However, there is no definition of “Perfect” candidate, even no one is perfect at all.

She added more on deal breakers that If you have someone with the right attitude and skill set to do the job. And they fit in with the team, Why not hire them? Many qualified individuals still job searching around the world.

Yet I see the same jobs again and again, but no one hire for months. Who took a chance on you? Maybe it’s time you a took chances on someone. Also, many countries immigration process is also a big problem. Which don’t allow many job seekers to fly to their country and get that job.

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