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Top 5 Online MLOps Courses in 2023

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MLOps bridges the gap between machine learning development and deployment, much like DevOps and DataOps do for application and data engineering.

According to Google Cloud, successful deployments and efficient operations are a barrier to reaping the benefits of AI(artificial Intelligence). There is a big question arise, What Is Machine Learning and Why Is It Important?

MLOps is an engineering culture and methodology that tries to bring together ML system development (Dev) and ML system operations (Ops).

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  • Hamsa Buvaraghan (working as Technology Leader at Google, USA) emphasize that ML(machine learning) Code is only a minor part of the puzzle.
  • Building production-grade machine learning systems demands more than just code, from configuration to monitoring, serving infrastructure, and resource management.
  • MLOps transfers a model created in an experimental environment to a production web system. When an application is ready for the launch,
  • MLOps is used to coordinate the transition of the algorithm into production by data science professionals, DevOps, and machine learning engineers. The potential to raise automation and enhance the quality of power generation machine learning while adhering to compliance requirements is a crucial feature of MLOps.
  • We’ve put together a list of the best MLOps courses. And skills courses to investigate if you want to improve your data science and machine learning professional skills or play.
  • However, it contains the most outstanding MLOps courses and online training through trusted online providers. We have taken the initiative to note and connect to comparable systems on every platform you might be interested.

MLOps Characteristics

Manual, script-driven, and interactive process: every step, including data analysis, data preparation, model training, and validation, is performed by hand. It necessitates manual execution of each step and manual transition from one stage to the next.

Disconnect between machine learning and operations: The process divides data scientists who create the model from engineers who serve the model as a prediction service. The data scientists provide the engineering team with a trained model to install on their API environment as an artifact.

Best MLOps Courses and Online Training

1. MLOps (machine Learning Operations.) Fundamentals

Guide4info Opinion: This 100% online training is provided by Google Cloud and features flexible due dates on the subject matter. It takes a maximum of sixteen hours to finish.

Coursera is the platform to learn this course.

  • This course introduces people involve with MLOps tools and best practices for deploying, evaluating, monitoring, and operating production machine learning systems on Google Cloud.
  • MLS(Machine Learning system) is a discipline that focuses on the production release, testing, monitoring, and automation of machine learning systems.
  • Machine Learning Engineering professionals use tools to improve and evaluate deployed models continuously.
  • They collaborate with (or can be) Data Scientists to enable velocity and rigor in deploying the best performing models.


2. Applied Machine Learning: Foundations

Guide4info Take: Derek Jedamski, a data scientist, specializes in machine learning. And demonstrate the Python programming language, machine learning-based, and data cleaning examples to the students.

LinkedIn Learning is the best platform for this course.

  • In this course, the first in a two-part series on Applied Machine Learning, instructor Derek Jedamski delves into the fundamentals of machine learning.
  • Rather than focusing on a specific machine learning algorithm, Derek focuses on providing you with the tools to solve nearly any type of machine learning problem.


3. Illustrate MLOps (Machine Learning Operations)

Guide4info Opinion: This Pluralsight intermediate-level training is only two hours long and will teach you the main problems and concerns to consider when developing machine learning models for deployment.

Pluralsight is the best platform for this course.

Illustrate Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) is a course that will teach you how to incorporate machine learning operations into your machine learning project.

First, you’ll investigate how to implement machine learning operations (MLOps) practices in your infrastructure.

Following that, you’ll learn about machine learning operations (MLOps). And how they’re used during model development.

Finally, when you deploy your model, you’ll learn how to apply deep learning operations (MLOps courses).

You will also learn the key components of a successful MLOps strategy.


4. Become a Microsoft Azure Nanodegree Machine Learning Engineer.

Guide4info Opinion: The nano degree program at Udacity takes about three months to complete (at 5-10 hours per week). For the best chance of success with this module, students should have prior experience with Python, machine learning, and statistics.

Udacity is the best platform to do this course.

  • Students will improve their technical skills in this program by building. And deploying sophisticated machine learning solutions using popular open-source tools and frameworks.
  • They will also gain practical experience running complex machine learning tasks using the built-in Azure labs accessible within the Udacity classroom.
  • After completing this course, you can easily become a Machine Learning Engineer for Microsoft Azure.


5. Machine Learning Engineering for Production.

Machine Learning Engineering for Production (MLOps) Specialisation is a new specialized source introduced by AI(artificial intelligence) recently. Coursera currently hosts the course.

The course, created by tech evangelists Andrew Ng, Robert Crowe, Laurence Moroney. And Cristian Bartolomé Arámburu, will help people become machine learning experts. And improve their production engineering skills.

  • ML was used to create a MLOps course. The platform serves as a one-stop shop for discovering, learning, and building machine learning.
  • It provides a series of machine learning and MLOps lessons. And the fundamentals of machine learning to develop production-grade applications and products.
  • Goku Mohandas curated the course.

Machine Learning Operations on GitHub: The website contains many resources for making machine learning operations easier with GitHub. It enables you to use GitHub to automate machine learning workflows, collaborate, and reproduce results.

  • The website includes blog content that explains how to use GitHub for data science.
  • And MLOps, an open-source GitHub Actions tool that facilitates MLOps courses, paperwork. And resources for getting started with MLOps, repository templates, explanations.
  • Though, its related projects that demonstrate various GitHub features for machine learning and MLOps recorded talks, demos, and tutorials, and more.
MLOps: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Implement It.

MLOps Implementation is done in following 3 levels.

  • Level 0 MLOps (manual process).
  • Level 1 MLOps (ML pipeline automation).
  • MLOps level 2 (automation of the CI/CD pipeline).

We will explain more about these courses in our next article. Stay tuned to Guide4info for more information and career updates.

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