PM Modi Speech Live at 74th Independence Day 2020 at guide for info

Live: PM Modi Speech at 74th Independence Day 2020 | guide for info

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Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi give live speech at Red fort New Delhi. PM Modi Live at 74th Independence Day 2020.

PM Modi also inform that on the first day of Corona, we were able to do 300 tests per day. But Indian people shows their dedication and now we are able to do hundreds of Thousands tests per day. Three different coronavirus medicines are under development and we will launch it after it get green signal from health experts.

National digital health mission

When PM Modi Live at 74th Independence Day 2020, he also inform that under National digital health mission every Indian will be given health id. On daily basis, this health card will store the details like, what medicine you take, when you take this medicine, from which doctor. 

Ladakh is the main part of India and I am happy to inform you that 7,000 mega watt electricity power hub is under development. We will also open business university in ladakh

We will also start Project Dolphin in local and major rivers to attract more tourism. 

At live speech, PM Modi also focus on neighbor countries relationship with India. We are connected with land, water to few countries and we always try to stay in peace with them.

PM Modi Speech Live at 74th Independence Day 2020

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New roads are under construction around the country. We have 1300 islands in India and we are working for their enhancements. Andaman and Nicobar will also get advance optical fiber facilities. This island will also get same internet connectivity as big cities like New Delhi and Mumbai.

PM Narendra on independence live also state that India will keep on moving for the progress. And we will surely become number one Nation in the world for peace and innovation.

Many congratulations to all of you for 74th Independence day.

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