Air pollution: Can you exercise outside when air quality is Poor?

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Exercising outside in Air pollution free environment gives you lot of benefits. The fresh air and sunlight make your mood charming and happy, improves your blood pressure and digestion.

As per the research, you are more willing to stick to your workout program if you choose to workout outdoors as compared to indoor. But what to do when outside air is polluted? And making it difficult for you to breath?

So, if you are wondering, do you continue doing exercise outdoor or not? Here are few tips for you:

1) Health related issues in Air pollution

Even if you will wear a good quality masks, still you breath some small dust and dirt particles hanging in the air. Not only this, if you will keep doing exercise in the Air pollution, it may lead to a headache, eye infection, nose and throat irritation. In worst cases, you may have risk of heart attacks and strokes as well.

2) Why exercising in the toxic air is more harmful

There are some aerobic activities outside by which we breathe more oxygen to produce energy. Commonly running, brisk walking or cycling, etc. We consume fresh air and breath it deep into our lungs. We mostly breath large amount of oxygen through our mouth. Which contain more dust than the air we consume through our nose.

3) How to protect in Winters?

It’s advisable to do exercise indoor in winters when Air pollution is too much. And there is thick layer of smog in the air. Even, you wear best quality face mask, you can not eye irritation and skin issues. Most of the time eyes become red and itching started. Elders and children should be more careful during this time. You can try alternates like, yoga, rope skipping and spot jogging in your home itself to stay fit and active.

Five ways to boost your lungs’ immunity and keep it healthy in Air Pollution
People across the world focus on their health due to Covid19. It’s vital to take care of the lungs and make them stronger for healthy life. Here are a few tips, which you can follow for healthy lungs.

Ways To Boost Lungs Immunity in the Air pollution

1) Avoid Inflammatory Foods.
Ayurveda lists certain foods to avoid which have worst effects on human body. In our day to day life, Foods that increase mucus in the body should be avoided and foods that help in reducing stress & increase immunity should be consumed more often. Amla is one of the best natural and abundant antioxidants, which help to keeps the lung healthy.

2) Pranayama
This tremendous technic of breathing is beneficial for the lungs & boosting lung capacity. When we are stressed or anxious, it is very important for the mind to be calm. Otherwise breathing is affected and the respiratory rate incline. This automatically puts pressure on the lungs. So pranayama is the best way to stay relaxed and calm, which people can do at their homes also.

3) Avoid Polluted Places.
As the lockdown is lifted in many cities, we are seeing a rise in pollution levels across many those cities across India. Well, it’s almost impossible to avoid pollution in our country, but we can stay away from most polluted places.

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