Manisha Dhurve, Vikas Soyam, Umakant Madavi, Parmesh Aale and Kavidas Katmode create their Inspiring Story & win $36,000

Inspiring Story : Teens Climb Mount Everest and Win $36,000

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Some people read Inspiring Story in books, Internet as they like to do so. But some people are brave enough to create Inspiring Story with their hardwork, dedication, continues efforts.

This is the story of five teenagers from remote area of Nagpur, who climb Everest in May 2017. The journey was full of adventures and we put out best of best efforts to make this success.

Manisha Dhurve, Vikas Soyam, Umakant Madavi, Parmesh Aale and Kavidas Katmode are the brave hero’s from Chandrapur district. Kavidas Katmode and Manisha Dhurve are 18 years old. Whereas Umakant Madavi, Vikas Soyam and Parmesh Aale all are 19 years old.

Selected Students from Government Schools

These students are from Ashram schools Chandrapur district, Nagpur.They climb on the highest mountain range in the world, Mount Everest. Climbing to this highest mountain is extremely difficult task. Some one need years of training and proper fitness to do that.

Manisha Dhruve raise the Indian flag on the peak of Mount Everest at 04:30am on 16 May 2018 and create her own Inspiring Story for others. She still feels like this is a dream, and pinch herself to make sure that it happens. She is one out of 10 members who selected for Team & belongs to tribal district in the western state of Maharashtra.

Scout instructor Avinash Deoskar inform that they went in different schools for scout activities. We ask students to run and forget to tell them stop. After an hour we realize that Manisha was still running, because we forget to say stop.

They were selected for the “Mission Shaurya” initiative of the Maharashtra Tribal Development Department and the Chandrapur Collectorate to conquer Mount Everest.

47 students across Chandrapur district were selected but only 10 complete the training and hence selected for final climb.

Inspiring Story of 10 Students

10 team members from government ashram schools in Borda, Devada and Jeevti left for 60 days journey. Team also include manager-cum-trainer Vimla Negi-Devaskar, a high-altitude expert doctor, support staff and 15 Sherpas.

All 10 members trained hard for rock climbing at Bhongir, which is a hilly district in the southern state of Telangana. After that they trained in the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling, a hill station in the north east. Finally they taken to the Ladakh, India’s northernmost region to climb to high altitudes.

These students inform that they inspire to climb on Everest by Malavath Poorna, who became the youngest girl to conquer Everest at the age of 13.

A year before, this was a dream and none of student not even traveled out of their town. Or even not heard of Mount Everest. Getting Mount Everest permit is very expensive. But Ashustosh Salil, a senior district officer come up with the idea to send tribal students to Everest and convince Maharashtra government to arrange about 40 million rupees for the mission.

Mr Salil says, this is the great way to fill confidence in the students and encourage other students also for doing adventurous tasks. Mr Deoskar inform that most difficult part of the training was fed candidates properly and arrange for their proper rest.

They belongs to such a family who can not support them with daily meat or milk in their diet. He also inform that we are surprised to see, how quickly they learned the training and adopt new situations. These students learn so quickly and able to use their sense to do, what other thousands of mountaineers fail to learn.

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Mount Everest Scene from the Peak

Manisha, in her final climb saw one dead body in the snow. For a while her legs start shaking but other sherpa motivate her to keep moving ahead. In next few hours, she reached on the peak. Her whole life start flashing before her eyes. She explain that,”I remembered my parents, my village, my friends and everyone”. This was the best day of my life.

Only four out of 10 able to reach on the peak. Four out of 10 came back to their base camp from different stage of their climb as they fell ill. Fifth climber Indu Kannake, forced to come back because her Sherpa had to leave as he was needed to save the life of another climber.

She was only 1300 meters away from the peak. I was too close to the peak, but come back. Still I am happy that my return save a life. I will try again and reach to the top of Mount Everest. Those who could not reach on the peak of mountain can not get one million rupees each from the government.

Mount Everest climbers list is huge. Every year many participants around the world try for it. But many rejected because of their fitness issues. More than 375 mount Everest deaths has been reported so far. Around 200 dead bodies are still there as many of the climbers wish to be there, if they died during climbing. This highest mountain is 8,848 meters (29,029 ft). Only 300 people given the permission for Everest climbing season 2018.

Winners received $36,000

All the winner, the part of Inspiring Story, who able to reach on the top of highest mountain in the world “Mount Everest”, received $36,000(2.5 million rupees) from the government.

Kavidas and Parmesh inform that they will use this money to dig a well in their farm. So that their parents can produce good harvest in their farm.

As of now there is not proper water facility available. Manisha already decide to use the money to pay for college fees. Umakant decide to make a playground in his village. So that his village kids can play and bring laurels for the nation.

All of them tell that they wants to climb another higher mountain may be Mount Kilimanjaro. This is the highest mountain in Africa and about 4,900 meters (16,100 ft) high.

The journey of these students from unlikely backgrounds to the top of the world is hard to exaggerate.

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