Bitcoin Millionaire suffer $35 Million Cryptocurrency Scam in Thailand

Bitcoin Millionaire suffer $35 Million Cryptocurrency Scam in Thailand

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According to a report, a Finland millionaire Cheated by Thailand scammers in Cryptocurrency Scam.

Aarni Otava Saarimaa is 22 years old Finland millionaire. He lost 5,654 bitcoins worth of $35 Million. In June 2017, he was approached by group of people who satisfy him to send bitcoion. Though a new Cryptocurrency launch in the market called Dragon Coin, Mr. Aarni Otava was invesgting in that along with in casino.After waiting for quite long time, he did not get any return then his partner Chonnikan Kaeosali filed a complaint in Thailand’s Crime Suppression Division.

Bitcoin is a digitial currency(Means this does not physically exit). Invented by Satoshi Nakamoto(As per Google Wikipedia, This is a unknown name used by some one who invent Bitcoin). To use Bitcoin owner need to know the private key and digitally sign the transaction.

Due to any chane if private key is lost, all the bitcoins are useless. Users can not access their bitcoin. One example showing the private key loss, in 2013 one user claimed to have lost 7,500 bitcoins.

Which is worth $7.5 million at the time. Though this happend when he accidentally discarded a hard drive containing his private key. In July 2018, lost bitcoin values were (approximate) $7 billion.

Thailand’s Crime Suppression Division (CSD) expose nine people who convert their cryptocurrency into local currency. Police arrest 27 years old actor Jiratpisit Boom Jaravijit from Chatuchak district, Thailand related to this Cryptocurrency Scam. Experts inform that Mr. Jaravijit and his gang approach Finnish businessman and give him some attractive ideas to invest money and make profit.

Jaravijit and his gang choose Aarni otava Saarimaa after realise that he have lots of Bitcoin. Officers inform that this Cryptocurrency Scam took place in June 2017, but the CSD department received the report in January 2018.

Saarimaa agree to convert bitcoin in the Thai currency and deposited it into accounts. Mr. Saarimaa inform that agree upon the ideas on Mr. Jaravijit. After making the transaction, he did not receive any leagel document for transaction. This led him to file a complain against Jaravijit and seven his siblings.

CSD deputy commander Pol Col Chakrit Sawasdee inform that this is a complex case and we need to investigate carefully. Further to the investigation CSD deputy commander tell only way to solve this case is to check the amount of money with commercial banks only and in their relatives bank accounts. Also officer inform that they sized 51 bank accounts related to this case Cryptocurrency Scam.

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Russian couple lost Bitcoins worth $100,000 in Thailand

Maxim Lastovka and his partner Anna Nikulina from Russia were on visit to Thailand. One bad incident ruin their joy of whole trip. They were staying in a fourth floor condo unit in Mueang district. Around 10 pm suspects forcefully entered in their home and captive them for six hours. Suspects separate Mr. Lastovka’s from Anna Nikulina and cover his head with black clothes. They force them to enter the private key and password for their bitcoin account.

Lastovka has lots of bitcoin in his account. And robbers know this details about Lastovka. Seems they follow him from Russia itself. Suspects tol Lastovka to transfer all his bitcoins into the ‘crooks bitcoin account’. Along with $100,000 worth of bitcoins, they took his MacBook, MacBook Pro, HP notebook, iPhone X  and both their passports as well. The suspects threaten the couple that if they will disclose their details to police they will inject the drugs into their blood which would disable or kill them.

Cryptocurrency Scam worth $300 Million in India

Indian police find out some clue related to the Cryptocurrency Scam ‘GainBitcoin’. Police already arrested mastermind Amit Bhardwaj and his team for this scam. In the past also Amit make other fraud company with different names and loot many people. Many victims lost all their money in the Cryptocurrency Scam ‘GainBitcoin’. This scam come to light when two FIR(First Information Reports) from different places have reported.

Amit also reveal the process of transfer money to China, Hong Kong and Dubai. This scam affect more than 8,000 people in India and value cross more than 5,000 crore rupees.($300 Million).

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