haaziq kazi ervis ship design and structure

Wow, 12 year old Haaziq Kazi designs ship to clean plastic waste from the ocean

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He is just 12 years old and working like an experienced scientist. Yes, you heard it right. Haaziq Kazi is just 12 years old & has designed a ship called “ERVIS ship” to clean the ocean and save marine life. For his tremendous achievements, Wikipedia team has created his haaziq kazi Wikipedia page as well. And currently ‘haaziq kazi wiki’ is the most searching the keyword on google search engine.

Haaziq kazi pune (India) boy thought to make a ship while he was watching documentary videos. At his age, kids are either busy in the smartphones, playing games or busy in surfing internet or else busy with neighboring. But Haaziq is not from those kids. According to him, there are two types of people in the world. Ones who create the problem and become the burden for the world, others who solve the problems and the world follow those people.

Haaziq kazi Study:

Haaziq study in Indus International School in Pune (India). Once teacher told them to start a project on a subject, they care more. He used to watch documentary video of adverse effect of plastic on the ocean and marine life. Kazi thought to save the ocean from plastic waste and then Haaziq kazi started “ERVIS ship” as a project. Immediately this project becomes famous with “haaziq kazi ship” on internet.

ERVIS ship Functionality:

Haaziq kazi inform that plastic pollution is increasing in the ocean every year. As per National Academy of Sciences research report, every minute one truck containing plastic & yearly 14 billion pounds of garbage dumped in the ocean. Approximately 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic floating in the ocean water. Also 1 million marine animals including fish, turtles, mammals, sharks, etc. are dying with plastic waste. Fish we eat in the food is eating plastic in the ocean. Indirectly plastic waste is affecting our lives.

haaziq kazi ervis ship design
haaziq kazi ervis ship design

Haaziq kazi further add that these figures are surprising and need quick actions in order to save our generations. Hence, I decided to make a ship which can clean plastic waste from the ocean. He worked with scientists and 3D designers to make more realistic design and model of ERVIS ship.
ERVIS ship is able to perform below operations in the ocean:
1) It can clean the floating waster from the ocean surface.
2)Able to categories the collected waste in the ship itself.
3) This ship can stop the waste from its source itself.So there will be no more waste from that source.

ERVIS ship is a big ship operated by hydrogen and renewable natural gas. It will have saucers and five big compartments for collecting various types of wastes from ocean water. When saucers rotate, it will create the swirl in the water and hence waste will move towards the ship. Where will it be categories in various compartments accordingly? It will send back the animals in the ocean or did not affect the marine life at all.

Haaziq kazi Inspiration:

Elon Musk is the biggest inspiration of Haaziq kazi in order to do something better for the society. He mentioned that we all must do something better towards our planet. If people will keep destroying natural resources, then we can not imaging life on earth. But if everyone will contribute to do save life on earth, then our planet will be a better place for our generations. And we must give a healthy environment to our young generations.

haaziq kazi ted talk:

He was invited and get chance to speak as young innovator at TEDxGateway in December 2018. TEDxGateway was started in 1984 and today it covers most of the topics, where selected people from the world come and speak about their ideas. He also speaks at Ted8, where so many famous scholars appreciate his idea. haaziq kazi as a question to the audience that “is there anyone, who don’t have plastic today in their home?”.

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