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Coronavirus Report: All human on Earth will be infected by Sept. 2020

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Coronavirus Report has been published first time and results are extremely serious. Coronavirus has become the biggest challenge of 2020 in front of Scientists and health experts. The death graph rapidly has risen in China. However, 170 deaths confirmed so far and approximately 6000 people have been infected, Health experts inform,

One question arises here, why coronavirus is spreading around the world? As of now, this deadly virus has reached to following countries.

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According to one report, all human on earth will be infected by Coronavirus by September 2020. This is not just a hypothetical report, but its figures of new infections, cum infections and death are relatively same as actual. And the future predictions showing terrible results.

We pray to god that this will never happen. But for that World’s health experts and scientists need to research day and nights & find its vaccine. Currently, there is no treatment or vaccine available for this virus in any country.

Coronavirus Report: Infected Countries & total cases

1) USA(5)
2) Australia(7)
3) Canada(1)
4) China(10K~?)
5) France(3)
6) Hong kong(6)
7) Indonesia(1)
8) Israel(1)
9) Ivory C.(1)
10) Japan(4)
11) Macau(5)
12) Malaysia(4)
13) Taiwan(3)
14) Pakistan(1)
15) Saudi Arabia(1)
16) Singapore(4)
17) South Korea(2)
18) Nepal(1)
19) Thailand(7)
20) Vietnam(2)
21) India(7)
22) Macau(7)
23) Ghana
24) Japan(1)
25) Germany(1)

Major countries like USA, Russia, France prepare to move citizens out of Wuhan, epicenter of the virus outbreak. France is considering a special bus service for the evacuation of its citizens from Wuhan. Also, an emergency phone line may set up.

The full range of counselor services will remain available at the USA Embassy in Beijing and US consulates in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Shenyang.

The Russian Embassy inform that they also consult Beijing about a possible evacuation plan.

Xu Wenbo, a director of CDC’s virus institute inform that researchers had isolated viruses and were selecting a strain. Xu inform that researchers had used high throughput genetic sequencing to identify pathogens one day after the first four samples were sent from Wuhan on 2nd January 20.


The current situations in China become worst as there is shortage of medical gowns, goggles, protective gears and other basic equipment. Local hospitals in Wuhan is struggling to cope with crowds of people who may be infected. Staff work in consecutive shits despite exhaustion. Some doctors are reportedly wearing diapers because they don’t have the time to use the bathroom.

Jiang wei, a nurse at Jinyintan Hospital inform that, “under such intensity of work, we feel that we can already endure the tiredness, and we did not complain to anyone. However, our family members know how tough this is for us,”

Though, one doctor has already died after treating the patients. Staff are so overburden that China mobilize worker from other cities to aid Wuhan. Though, members of military medical team also dispatched. Faced with crowded hospitals, authorities are racing to build two more in a matter of weeks.

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