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Women will get good Bonus if they wear skirt in this company

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An aluminum manufacturer company in Russia, Tatprof company. Which is paying a bonus to female employees to wear a skirt in office. This company is running femininity marathon” campaign until 30th June 2019. Tatprof Company put a condition that the skirt should not be longer than five centimeters from the knee. All female staff, who will wear the skirt as per terms and conditions will get 100 Rubles bonuses on top of their regular wages. This amount is equal to £1.19, $1.50.

However, If female staff wants to get the bonus, then women must send the skirt picture to company.

A spokesperson informed that Tatprof company CEO Sergei Rachkov is concerned about the mixing gender roles. Though he would like to create an environment in the organization that, “female workers can feel their femininity and become happy when they make the choice of wearing a skirt or dress.”

Also, We wanted to brighten up our work days. Our team has 70% male employees. This is a great way to unite the team and they can work happily. Many women already wear slacks at the workplace, and this campaign can help them to feel their femininity.

Internet user shocked and surprised to read this strange initiative of Russian company. Many internet users responded that its is Incredible that how different organization’s operate across the world.

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This news already went viral on internet and people stating this initiative as horrible treatment of women.

Anastasia Kirillova inform that CEO Sergei Rachkov wants to maintain the female spirit in every female employee of the company. So that they can engage themselves in all company projects. She is the company’s department of corporate culture and internal communications.

Dumplings and pull ups event at Tatprof company

The company, Tatprof has started an event called femininity in the company. Though, other competitions are who can rapidly make dumplings.

Tatprof also organizes competitions for male employees, last week there was a pull-up contest, where all male employees invited.

All these ideas come from the CEO Sergei Rachkov, Anastasia Kirillova informed who is company’s department of corporate culture and internal communications.

Tatprof is an aluminum manufacturer company based in Naberezhnye Chelny city in Russia. This company make aluminum products from window frames to balcony railings.

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