Ban work permits for spouses in USA

Will Trump Govt Ban work permits for spouses in USA?

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Donald Trump Administration started the process to ban work permits for spouses. USA has made the strict rules in the country, since Donald Trump became President in 2017. However, modifying and tightening the rules for H-1B visa program will affect Indian technical professionals and many IT companies. The new rule implemented,gives preference to candidates with US Master’s degrees for H-1B visas.

USA government issued a notice on 22nd May 2019, proposed a rule in public to ban H-4 EAD(Employment Authorisation Document). This is a work visa program that was launched by the Obama administration to take the advantage of the skilled worker of H-1B visa. Though, it was done to bridge the technical gap in the country in the technical domain. The Department of Homeland Security informed that by taking this action, American citizens would take benefit of it.

Biggest Lose to Indian, if H-1B visa changes take place

Indians are the biggest beneficiaries of the H4 EAD visa programme, mostly females. Since 2015, more than 90% visa issued. Which is the 1.2 lakh visas in total. The Trump administration first proposed this new plan in February 2018. Many experts inform that even if this proposal passed, it will take time to implement it.

Sarah Pierce informed to the authorities that giving a timeline would be tough.This new rule is still waiting for the approval from the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. The Trump Administration has time until 20th June 2019 to review and give report on it. Sarah Pierce is an analyst at Washington DC-based Migration Policy Institute, who track immigration to the USA.

Currently, 70% of the H-1B visa are granted to Indian nationals. The USA has tightened the immigration rules, since the Donald Trump became the President in 2017. Indians face the biggest problem as H-1B visa rules has been changed and become more strict. H-1B Visa changes affect Giant tech Companies in India.

Adverse Effects, if USA Ban work permits for spouses

However, preference for H-1B Visa will be given to those, who have USA Master’s degrees. It will help USA youth to get more jobs in IT industry. Currently, many of those jobs are taken by other nationality people. The Trump Administration also wants to increase the visa rejections for existing visa holders. Many of them are seeking for the extension for another three years.

All these changes in H-1B visa will badly affect the USA tech companies. As many families will force to return to India due to new rules. Many of the companies have already hiring local USA candidates. It is difficult to find the right talent with desired skills in the local market. USA local candidates seek for the high salary with a lot of benefits as well.

Analysts informed that ban work permits for spouses will surely affect the working employee as well. Ban work permits for spouses will have adverse affect tens of thousands of immigrant families in the United States. USA companies employ them will also be affected in terms of productivity and revenue.

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