White Friday 2017 -The Biggest Sale of Black Friday

Souq.com | White Friday 2017 | The Biggest Sale of Black Friday

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What is White Friday on Souq.com?

White Friday is the last Friday in November. On this day Souq.com runs the biggest sale of the year with great offers and deals up to 70% off on a wide range of products.

For the four-day White Friday online sales. It has got 8 million SKUs (stock keeping units) up on its portal as opposed to the 2 million SKUs it had same time last year.
Souq.com which isa leading online retail and marketplace in the Middle East. It has integrated some of parent company Amazon’s processes and systems to further strengthen its robust delivery operations ahead of White Friday. Its biggest online shopping event in the region.

Souq’s annual White Friday sale is set to take place from November 22 to 25. And will offer customers across the GCC and Egypt deals to match the lowest prices in the region on more than five million products.

Souq has invested heavily in operations by expanding its Fulfillment Center (FC) facilities, upgrading technology, increasing resources. Also adding pickup points to prepare for the high volume of orders expected during the shopping.

In line with Amazon’s core principles that focus on customer obsession, invention, long-term thinking and operational excellence.

Souq.com CEO words for Souq Team

Ronaldo Mouchawar who is the CEO and co-founder, Souq.com, said – “Energy in the company is exciting and White Friday brings out the best in each of us. We have already started to incorporate Amazon processes and systems to expand our combined passion to create a great experience for customers. Our teams have been working hard for six months to source exciting and interesting deals. And prepare for the increased demand to ensure an exciting and seamless shopping journey for Souq’s customers”.

Why did souq.com call this day White Friday?

Souq.com is the first e-commerce website in the middle east. Where the color black is usually associated with bad luck/superstition in Arabian culture. With the prominence of Fridays and their cultural/religious significance in this region, so that is why we called it White Friday.

Why should you be eager to buy on White Friday?

Below are the reasons :-
– We provide genuine big offers and deals up to 70% off.
– You can save a lot of money and buy more products that you are waiting to buy.
– We provide deals and offers on a wide range of products like Mobiles, Electronics, Accessories, Supermarket goods and Fashion items.
– You can save ahead by buying your gifts for the upcoming year at huge discounts and make your friends and family happy.
– If you’re preparing for marriage you can buy your appliances for your new home with great discounts.

Souq.com Sale Last Year Vs This Year

Last year’s White Friday event recorded the highest-ever sales of 1.2 million items. It has got 8 million SKUs (stock keeping units) up on its portal this year(2017). Souq expects this year’s shopping frenzy to be another record-breaking sale. Which is why the company has increased its warehouse footprint to load up millions of extra items across the region. As part of its Fulfilled by Souq (FBS) program. That brings greater selection and convenience to customers. The FBS program extends services currently provided by the e-commerce platform to all its merchants, enabling them to effectively fulfill their delivery orders.

White Friday 2016:-
– More than 1Million products sold on Souq.com
– 100,000 mobiles sold
– 50,000 new products such as shoes and fashion items sold
– Provided more than 25,000 deals in a lot of categories
Credit card payment on delivery option:-
For the first time, customers will have the option to pay even more conveniently as Souq rolls out its credit card on delivery option in the UAE. The company is also launching more pick up points for customers in new locations to collect their shipments during the event.

About the company’s plans for 2018, Mouchawar added- “We are quite simply & much larger than we were a year ago. And we are preparing the business to grow substantially and significantly in the year ahead. We are waiting about this new chapter in our growth story as part of the Amazon family.

Why was it call Black Friday in the United States?

American History witnessed the Panic of 1869. As the economy was damaged, the sellers made big discounts to sell a lot of products. It helps to boost sales to refresh the economy.

Also, Black Friday refers to how the accountants usually used red ink to refer to the negative amounts. And black ink to refer to the positive ones.

Now that you have all the insights, you should prepare your wish list of products you would like to buy this year. Just choose your products online and souq.com will deliver them with free shipping and you can easily pay cash on delivery

Souq.com White Friday Sale – 2017


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