Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte arrived in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

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One of the topics that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte might discuss with Saudi Arabia is the fight against illegal drugs

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte reached in Riyadh on Monday evening, April 10 (Saudi Arabia time), for a two day state visit that aims to boost ties between the two countries.

Philippine Consul General to Riyadh Iric Arribas said the Philippines and Saudi Arabia aim to forge at least 3 agreements during Duterte’s visit.

    • Protect overseas Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia
    • an agreement between the two countries’ foreign ministries to regularly discuss areas of cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the Philippines
  • an agreement between the two countries’ diplomatic academies to explore areas foreign trade

Arribas also said the Philippines wants to enlist Saudi Arabia’s help against the illegal drug trade. This is one of the topics that the embassy proposed to take up during Duterte’s state visit.

Saudi Arabia is also known for its hard line stance against illegal drugs.

Arribas inform the two countries, for one, can help each other in the “sharing of intelligence information” and in “capacity building of anti-drug enforcement agencies.”

“Drugs are a serious issues in the whole world and When you talk about drugs, it’s not just a issue of one country instead issue of all countries.” Arribas explain to the media.

Duterte’s schedule in Saudi Arabia includes a meeting with King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in Riyadh on Tuesday.

The president President Rodrigo Duterte will meet the Filipino people in the Saudi.
Also, He would like to meet Filipino community in Bahrain and Qatar.
Mr. Duterte’s meeting will mainly focus on attracting more investments from these states. Middle East Countries specially Gulf countries, is the second-largest remittances place in Philippines. Though With 28 percent or almost $7.6 billion sent to the Philippines in the year 2016.

The President Rodrigo Duterte invite the businessmen to invest particularly in Mindanao and surrounding areas.

Saudi Arabia is the largest employ of Overseas Filipino Workers. Also, the largest Filipino population in the Middle East is living here. Filipinos make this country the fourth largest group of foreigners.

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