Kulbhushan Jadhav Family

Pakistan defends harassment of Kulbhushan Jadhav Family

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Pakistan arrested Kulbhushan Jadhav on 10th April 2016 from Pakistani province of Balochistan. Pakistan dismiss Sushma Swaraj’s external affairs minister charge that it try to Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav’s family, instead of calling their harassment comprehensive security check.

The wait come to an end as verdict in the Kulbushan Jadhav case has to be announced by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Wednesday 17-07-2019. But the decision is not always accepted by the member States. Hence, the resolution of the Jadhav case depends on the evolving dynamics of the India-Pakistan relationship.

However, Jadhav’s mother and wife force to remove their mangalsutra (ornaments which is wear in the neck when ladies get marry). Also the bindis on their foreheads and their bangles.

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Pakistan’s ministry of foreign affairs for the meeting. Pakistan claim that this procedure was “agreed between both countries, in advance.”

“The visitors get treatment with respect and dignity. The change of clothes and removal of jewelry/ornaments etc was purely for security reasons.

The visitors change into their own clothes after the meeting. All their belongings return to them before they left. The wife’s shoes keep there as they did not clear the security check.

A metal chip has been found in one of the shoes, which is analyze,” read a statement from the country’s foreign minister Khawaja Asif.

Jadhav’s wife’s footwear was later sent for a forensic examination, and the authorities were trying to ascertain whether the “metallic object” in the shoes was a camera or a recording chip.

Asif’s statement laid the blame squarely on the shoulders of the “frenzied Indian media,” accusing it of “distortion of facts.”

Sushma Swaraj words for Kulbhushan Jadhav

Sushma Swaraj address Parliament about the meeting between Jadhav and his mother and wife, detailing the humiliating treatment meted out to the duo.

Pakistan made Kulbhushan Jadhav’s wife and mother appear as widows to him. By forcing them to take off their mangalsutra, bindi and bangles,”.

Pakistan’s claim that it confiscat the footwear of Chetnakul, Jadhav’s wife.

“She go to two international flights wearing that footwear. None of them found a recorder or a camera like Pakistan is alleging at different times.

How is it possible that airlines’ extensive safety checks not find these things?”.

Sushma Swaraj inform that Pakistan’s actions is not good and meant to intimidate the mother and wife.

Pakistan force Kulbhushan Jadhav mother to remove Bindi and Shoes

She also inform the Rajya Sabha that Pakistan force Jadhav’s mother Avanti to take off her “suhaag ki nishani”. This is also a “symbols of marriage”.

“The first thing Kulbhushan inform to me, when I went in to meet him is ‘How is baba’. Because he doubt that something happen when he see me without mangalsutra, bindi and bangles,”.

Though Pakistani arrest Jadhav in the counter-terrorism officials in March 2016. After suspect of involvement in subversive activities in Balochistan and Karachi.

A military court in April 2017 arrest him for “espionage and sabotage” and sentenced him to death.

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