Numerous growth in Vietnam software industry, Create software Jobs

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Loyal Vietnamese employees are the reason for robust growth in Vietnam software industry. Quang Trung Software City in Ho Chi Minh City become the top information and technology hub in the country.

155 business companies operating in Quang Trung Software City reported revenues of $142 million (VND3.3 trillion) in the first half of this year. Out of $142 million revenues, $93.4 million come from software exports.

There is rapid growth in the Vietnamese economy. Vietnam joined the WTO (World Trade Organization) in 2007. There is huge changes n the education system to make sure that it has highly adaptive IT workforce. English language is the second language in the schools/Universities rather than just a foreign language. Vietnam government also understand the importance of English language in the global market.That’s the reason Vietnam software industry become the best place for foreign companies to invest and work with.

How does Vietnamese Professionals differ from other Countries Professionals?

Vietnamese Professionals stay their home close and loyal to their employer. Where as professionals of other countries like India, the Philippines and Malaysia often leave their home country, settle in abroad countries and pursue their career there. But Vietnamese Professionals prefer to stay near to home and work from there. Women are given equal chances of growth as compared to men.

Growth of IT(Information Technology) industry in Vietnam

IT industries is established in Vietnam not more than a decade. Most of the companies are software outsourcing & provide services. There are many MNC(multinational companies) to having offices in abroad as well. These companies are time bounded, quick to respond to users query, providing qualitative service, very competitive cost. Few services are listed below:

  • Mobile app development.
  • Developing native iOS.
  • Android.
  • Mobile hybrid apps.
  • Websites development.
  • Web app development.
  • Full life cycle software ecosystem.
  • Full stack development using the latest technology.

Users review clear that Ho Chi Minh City IT industry is more maturer than in Hanoi. If you would like to start your project with a budget of $10,000 to $100,000. Then, you should work with small size organization like Adamo Digital. Adamo Digital is a Software Development Outsourcing Company in Hanoi, Vietnam. They have experts team of 15-50 professionals. More than 50+ Successful implementations. Also, experience Project Management Team. However, this was founded in 2016. If you want to invest big amount in your project i.e. $100,000 or $1,000,000. Then better go with FPT or Harvey Nash. FPT(The Corporation for Financing and Promoting Technology) is a software Global IT Outsourcing company in Vietnam. This giant company was established in 1988 and having a team size of 28,397 employees. FPT is currently having Revenue of $1,742,218 (40,545 billion VND as of 2016).

Numerous growth in Vietnam software industry - FPT Export revenue
Numerous growth in Vietnam software industry – FPT Export revenue

As per the records, FPT is currently working on self driving system for vehicles.

Software Job Openings in IT Sector in Vietnam software industry:

There is huge growth in IT companies software export. It also create new jobs in the country.
A recruitment agency VietnamWorks shows that there were 15,000 new jobs in the information technology sector as compared to last year. However, if company hire you from your home country, then company provides free visa to the candidate. In many cases, organization provide the one way air ticket too.
Main technologies used in the Vietnam companies are listed below :

  • Mobile Application Development,
  • website Development.
  • UX Design.
  • UI Design.
  • iOS Application Development.
  • Android Application Development.
  • Hybrid Application Development.
  • Network Security
  • eCommerce.
  • Hospitality Technology.
  • Travel Technology.
  • Education Technology.
  • Social Networking.
  • Database.
  • Java.
  • NodeJS.
  • Angular.
  • ReactNative
  • .NET.
  • PHP.
  • Magento.
  • WordPress.

According to the Ministry of Information and Technology, Vietnam’s software exports last year were worth $2.5 billion (VND58.5 trillion). Though, this is 4.4 percent up as compared to 2016.

Vietnam overtakes China to become Japan’s second biggest software outsourcing partner, with a 20.6 percents market shares. India remains on top in the list.

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