Typhoon Jebi in japan- 10 died, 187 cars catch fire, 1.5 feet rain

Japan Typhoon Jebi Destruction : 10 died, 187 caught fire, 1.5 feet rain water

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Typhoon Jebi in Japan is strongest ever in last 25 years. Approximate 10 people have been died and 200 injured so far.

Tuesday, Typhoon Jebi enter into western Japan, that cause strong winds and lashing rain in the area. Super fast winds up to 129mph (209km/h), as per the reports. Live videos of a tanker smashed into a bridge gone viral on social media, this is reported by local residents. Though people are, advise staying safe and not to go out of their homes. This typhoon affect more than 1.61 million people in Kansai and 95,000 in Shikoku area. However ancient temples in Kyoto, Nara and Shiga regions also affected.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe cancel his visit to southwestern prefectures on Tuesday.

Kansai International Airport Close:

Though Kansai International Airport was close due to the high waves and heavy rain. Also a ship hit with a bridge that link with the airport on the main Island. Around 5,000 people stuck in the airport and two runways and basement flooded due to the heavy rain. This airport is built on a man made Island and linked to the city by bridge. Though people stuck in the airport for more than 18 hours without power. Later ferries and speedboats were deployed to evacuate them on Wednesday from the airport.

One passenger told that,”there was no air conditioning inside the airport, in lack of electricity. It was hot.”

There is no official confirmation, when Kansai International Airport will reopen. All the flights were cancel as airport was flooded. Its mention on Kansai Airport official website that airport can reopen on 6th September or it may take a week too. Though flooded water damage many parts of the airport including equipment’s and machines.

Deaths & Injuries due to Typhoon Jebi in Japan:

Maximum deaths reported in Osaka Prefecture, Seven people killed here. Others died in Shiga, Mie and Aichi region. A man killed in Higashiomi City when he was working in the warehouse and it collapsed.

Japan whether agency mention Typhoon Jebi as very strong since 1993. 43 people killed or missing in that typhoon. There were huge landfalls on the Japan main Islands due to that.

After passing the southern part of Tokushima, Typhoon Jebi reach to Kobe region and moved into the Sea of Japan. All sorts of transport including flights and trains canceled in Kinki region. Also a theme park in Osaka & Universal Studios Japan close.

A man was died while preparing his house roof in Yokkaichi, Mie due to strong winds. Also an elderly man found dead on the balcony of a housing complex after he falls from the upper floor. Police inform that two-three people hit by door gate, cooler box.
Several people injured in the various Tokyo metropolitan area when roof fell on the in Hachioji, western Tokyo.

In 2011, a typhoon Talas killed or missing more than 82 people. More than 40 people died in the storm near Tokyo in 2013.

Shelters & Evacuation Plans for Typhoon Jebi

More than 1.61 million people in Kansai and 95,000 in Shikoku area are affected. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called an emergency meeting “to take action to protect your lives.” And evacuate them early as possible. He assures that government will make all efforts to save people and recover infrastructure lose. Japan’s weather agency warned people for tornadoes, lightening, high tides and strong winds. Authorities inform that approximately 16,000 people shifted to the shelters overnight. More than 400 people injured across 20 prefectures as per the Fire and Disaster Management Agency. 1,667 evacuation shelters in 24 prefectures available for the effected people.

Typhoon Jebi effects in the Region:

Toyota Motor Corp will suspend its night operation in across 14 plants including Aichi, Fukuoka and Miyagi prefectures. Department stores in western Japan, including outlets in Osaka and Kyoto prefectures also close for a day. Around 700 local and in

trinational flights were cancelled or schedule to arrive or depart at airports in western and central Japan.

So many cars got fire at auctioneer’s lot in Nishinomiya, Hyogo prefecture. However cause of fire is not yet clear but police suspect the this happen due to the wires short circuiting. As per the information, around 187 cars caught fire. Firefighters spray water on the cars from the sea. They were not able to reach to the site due to flooded streets and roads.

Towns and cities in the prefectures of Aichi, Kyoto, Osaka, Gifu, Hyogo, Nara and Wakayama on Honshu, along with Tokushima, Kagawa and Kochi on the island of Shikoku were mainly affected. Jebi Typhoon cause more than 500 millimeters of rain in many areas. Few weeks before Typhoon Cimaron cross from the same region. 150 and 300 millimeters of rain also recorded in many locations.

Powerful earthquake in Hokkaido region

People of Hokkaido region suffer powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 on Thursday. This cause death of 7 people and landfalls in many areas of Japan mostly in northern island. However, more than 123 people injured due to this earthquake. Quake recorded with magnitude of 6 in the town of Abira and lower 6 at New Chitose Airport. People feel the quake around 3:08 a.m., 37 kilometers in the Iburi district in southwestern Hokkaido.

According to Hokkaido Electric Power Co, more than 2.95 million houses are affected in Hokkaido region(almost all homes of Hokkaido). The nuclear power plant in western Hokkaido lost their external power sources.

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