Mysterious Deaths Of Cows In USA

Mysterious Deaths Of Cows In US State Baffles Authorities

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”Tongues Removed, No Blood Spilled,” authorities were baffled by the mysterious deaths of cows.

The cow’s carcasses were left to rot for several weeks without being harmed by predators or birds, according to ranchers.

Six cows unexpectedly found dead. And with their tongues removed along a rural roadway in Texas, United States. This mystery have left authorities perplexed, according to the New York Post.

Furthermore, there was no evidence of blood being spilt.

The 6-year-old longhorn/cross cow’s mangled carcass were originally discovered on the property of ranchers. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook on Wednesday. The sheriff’s office stated that when reports of such mutilations spread around the state, efforts to cooperate amongst departments were under way.

On one side of the cow’s mouth, the hide had been sliced away with apparent precision in a straight, clean line, leaving the meat below unharmed. Without any blood leak, the tongue was also entirely removed from the body.

It was noticed that the Mysterious Deaths Of Cows surroundings showed no evidence of fighting. And the grass was unaltered. The Facebook post reported that no tyre traces or footprints were seen nearby.

The cow’s carcasses were left to rot for several weeks without being harmed by predators or birds, according to ranchers. Authorities identified five other cows that had been similarly found dead and disfigured during the course of the subsequent inquiry.

The other five cows were similarly discovered lying on their sides with their faces slashed along the jawline. And their tongues entirely removed, according to the sheriff’s office.


Additionally, two of the cows had their external genitalia removed and identical incisions.

The Mysterious Deaths Of six cows were discovered in various areas and belonged to various herds. The officials said that there were no footprints or tyre marks at any of the places. And the grass around the remains remained unaltered. In any of the six cases, there is no known cause of death.

The office has now invited members of the public to contact them if they learn of any further instances that are comparable.

This is not the first time mangled cattle have been discovered. CBS News reported that in 2016, deceased cows in northeast Georgia were discovered with precisely carved circles slashed into their rear ends.


Georgia sheriff investigates mysterious cattle mutilations

A mystery surrounds the discovery of cows that had been butchered. And had perfectly carved circles slashed into their rear ends in northeast Georgia.

One of Harold Edge’s Black Angus cows was discovered dead a few weeks ago, he informed authorities.

According to a Jefferson County sheriff’s report that The Associated Press received, Edge discovered another Black Angus dead and mutilated on January 6. This is what appeared to be a half-circle sliced around the animal.

Edge informed the deputies that no bite marks or signs of animal assaults were present.

The incisions were straight with no jagged edges, according to Hall, who spoke to the Athens Banner-Herald.

According to Capt. Rich Lott of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, there is no known cause for the deaths on Edge’s field close to Braselton.

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