Hyderabad Underwater Tunnel Expo

Hyderabad Underwater Tunnel Expo offer 180-degree View

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More than 3,000 fish representing 500 distinct species from both freshwater and marine settings may be seen at the Hyderabad Underwater Tunnel Expo.

Want to get a close-up, 180-degree glimpse of the aquatic life? Visit the Underwater Tunnel Aqua Exhibition. Which has opened in the city’s Kukatpally neighborhood next to the Balanagar metro station in Hyderabad.

Over 3,000 fish representing 500 different species from both freshwater and marine settings are on display at the expo. “In the underwater tube, we have roughly 500 different species of fish on show.

Apart from Kerala and Chennai, where extensive breeding is done, many of these species came from Malaysia and Singapore. Twenty tanks in all have been installed in a tunnel. However, this is more than 200 feet long, according to Bharat Reddy, one of the expo’s planners.


Hyderabad Underwater Tunnel exhibition fishes details

Starfish, angelfish, clownfish, sea horses, wrasses, eels, boxfish, and other unusual species are among the diverse fish species. The Arapaima, which weigh 60 kg and cost Rs 6 lakh a piece, are the most costly fish in the aquarium in the underwater tube.

Many people are flocking to the exhibition because they are excited to see the aquatic life in person instead of only on television.

Bharat Reddy claimed that it took more than a month to put up the exhibition and that the aquarium tanks and tunnel together require roughly 2000 liters of water. The movable tunnel is transportable in lorry containers and may be disassemble into eight sections. Fish are transport individually.

The exhibition began on April 14 and will remain in the city for sixty days. It will be accessible to visitors every day from 11 am to 10 pm. The organizer, M Rajasekhar Reddy, claims that the exhibition would eventually be scheduled at various locations in Hyderabad. Along with the aquariums, the expo also has amusement rides and a handloom display featuring the work of regional craftsmen.


Underwater Aquarium Expo in Hyderabad with 180-degree view

An new underwater tunnel aquarium exhibition with a spectacular 180-degree view of the marine life has opened in Hyderabad, the city of pearls. For the next 60 days, the distinctive expo will be open in the Kukatpally neighborhood. The cost of admission for each individual to view the tunnel is Rs 100.

The underwater tunnel, which enables visitors to stroll through the aquarium and receive a close-up look of the aquatic life, is one of the attractions of the exhibition. The tunnel’s top-notch acrylic glass construction gives visitors a clear view of the aquatic life above, below, and all around them.

Visitors of all ages are welcome to the underwater aquarium expo, and can tickets purchase there. In addition to the aquariums, the expo has a handloom show featuring goods from regional artisans as well as entertainment venues.

The Hyderabad underwater aquarium exhibition is a distinctive and cutting-edge attraction that is likely to enthral guests. The aquarium’s 180-degree perspective offers a captivating experience unlike found in other aquariums.


Updates of Hyderabad Underwater Tunnel Expo in Kukatpally

In response to requests and comments from our readers, we will begin a conversation regarding UNDERWATER TUNNEL EXPO KUKATPALLY TIMINGS. Continue reading to get more updates on Hyderabad Underwater Tunnel Expo.


Underwater tunnel expo Kukatpally timings

For the next 60 days, the distinctive expo will be open in the Kukatpally neighborhood. The cost of admission for each individual to view the tunnel is Rs 100. The exhibition at Kukatpally began on Saturday and will be open for 60 days with a 100 rupee per person entrance charge. Over 3,000 fish may be found in the tunnel aquarium.

An underwater tunnel aqua display with a 180-degree view of marine life. This has been built up at Kukatpally to captivate its tourists as of Saturday.

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Underwater Aquarium Hyderabad exhibition location is Kukatpally next to Metro Cash & Carry in the truck parking lot. Hyderabad Underwater Tunnel expo will run from 11 am until 10 pm.


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