NASA Live Earth from Space

NASA Live Earth from Space – International Astronomy Day

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NASA Live from Space  on the occasion of “International Astronomy Day”, ISS present HD video for you.

NASA Live stream of Earth seen from space powered by NASA HDEV cameras aboard the International Space Station.

Watch the Earth roll Captured by HDEV cameras on board the International Space Station.

The International Space Station – ISS – circles the earth at 240 miles above the planet, on the edge of space in low earth orbit. The station is crewed by NASA astronauts as well as Russian Cosmonauts and a mixture of Japanese, Canadian and European astronauts as well.

Universe Video by NASA Live

There are several Space flight programs done by NASA. Many manned and unmanned spaceflight programs has been conducted throughout its history.
Manned programs are given Below :

#X-15 rocket plane : The X-15 was an NACA experimental rocket hypersonic research aircraft. This  develop in collaboration with the US Air Force and Navy. Twelve pilots selected from Air Force, Navy, and NACA for this program.Also a total of 199 flights between year 1959 and 1968.

This created a official world record for the highest speed ever reached by a manned powered aircraft which is 4,519 miles per hour.

#Project Mercury :
Soon after the success of X-15 rocket Plane. The US Air Force’s Man in Space Soonest program considered many manned spacecraft designs.
TOP seven astronauts select from the candidates of the Navy, Air Force and Marine test pilot programs.
First man in space sent by launching cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin into a single Earth orbit.

Other programs are :

Project Gemini-this program is conducted between 1961 to 1966.
Apollo program : This project is year 1961 to 1972.Apollo is consider as one of the most expensive American scientific programs in the history.

Therefore the cost more than $20 billion in 1960s dollars. Its present value is $213 billion in US dollar.But the main point is the spacecraft also bigger. it have two main parts which is the combin command and service module and the lunar landing module.

 Below  is the Commercial Crew Program:
Also the first US unmanned satellite is Explorer 1. The inner Solar System design for the goal of at least four unmanned programs.

NASA’s strategic goals Since 2011
#Extend and sustain human activities across the solar system
#Expand scientific understanding of the Earth and the universe
#Create innovative new space technologies
#Advance aeronautics research

NASA field centers for NASA Live in the World :

Though there are many NASA field centers around the world. But main of them are mention below:-

1) John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
2) Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California.
3) Armstrong Flight Research Center situated in Edwards, California.
4) Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland.
5) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, near Pasadena, California.
6) Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas.
7) Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia.
8) John H. Glenn Research Center present in Cleveland, Ohio.
9) George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama.
10) John C. Stennis Space Center situated at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

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