Accident on Yamuna Expressway

Accident on Yamuna Expressway vehicles ramming into each other due to fog emerges

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Viral Video on social media has surfaced showing cars ramming into each other one after the other. When there an accident happen on Yamuna Expressway between Agra and Mathura.

Viral Video showing speeding cars crashing onto each other during heavy fog and smok in 2016 has surfaced and gone viral. The video shows speeding cars almost 18 in numbers crashing into each other  on Yamuna Expressway.

The exact spot where this incident took place last year in 2016 was  between Agra and Mathura. In the video which went viral on social media, one can see cars piled up one after the other on Yamuna Expressway.

People are shouting and asking people to come out of their vehicles. As it was too hard for other vehicles to get an idea that so many cars have already met with the accident.

There are approximately 15-18 vehicles. Which rammed into each other at the Yamuna Expressway between Agra and Mathura.

In this unfortunate incident, one can clearly figure out that people are asking other passengers who are stuck in their vehicles. Who have rammed into other vehicles to come out fearing that other cars. Who are coming on the same way might hit to their vehicles and create further damage.

Live Video of Accident on Yamuna Expressway

Safety Point need to While drive in FOG:-
#Drive slow and don’t overtake other vehicles on the Road
#On your head Light on low beam and drive with the path carefully.
#Be alert to other surrouding vechieles.
#Don’t use your mobile or head phone while drive as this will take away your attention from the road.
#Don’t talk to the besides seat passenger while drive, pay attention to the Road.
#Use Seat belts to all the passengers.
#Drive carefull in your lane only, don’t drive zig zag
#Keep your window’s glass clear and clean, so that you can easliy see the nearby traffic and from way easily.
#Maintain a good distance between the front vehicle.


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