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Life at (Top) NIT – How it looks, three Years unfold

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I’m Arpit Agarwal and Today I am going to present life at NIT in front of you. I’m pursuing Mechanical Engineering from MNNIT (Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology) Allahabad. Currently, in my third year, if everything goes well, I would be soon graduated.

Ok! Hello, Juniors.

I can’t say about all, but when I was preparing for JEE, I used scatter around puzzled how it looks to be a part of esteem Engineering colleges. After all, students study day and night forcefully or passionately but just to get into the top IITs or NIT’s.

“I’m here to answer those questions. I’m telling you, the hard work you are putting in, it’s all worth it!”

I’ll jump straight to the number of marks it requires and then told you about the insights of the Top NIT, particularly MNNIT

Number of marks and rank it requires

Marks are subjective to the year. Sometimes the paper gets easy on the students and they score dazzling marks while the other day, the paper gets tough and you might not get your desired seat. Also, the percentile system has made things slightly complex to estimate then it was earlier. Still, I would do my best to keep the things short and clear.  

You require at least 190+ marks in JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) Mains, considering an above average in difficulty. Your rank should be around under 15000 to secure even the least branch or you can say 99.9% equivalent.

Well, yes, it is slightly tough to get! But wait that’s all we are doing the efforts. Now, I’ll get you into what happens inside the MNNIT, what things we gossip and what innovations we make out!

Course Curriculum

It is a rule of thumb at MNNIT. Academics are the topmost priority. Atleast, that’s what professors used to say. Some agree while some overlook it!

In your first year, you will be having a wide range of subjects from Engineering Physics to Chemistry, Mathematics entire year. Adding Computer Programming, Engineering Mechanics and Engineering Drawing. These are the courses which are taught in all the Engineering institutes of our country.

A side note, you must pass them, you like the subject or not. Yes! Before you ask, People do fail in subjects and even some smart genes have to repeat an entire year!

Ok! That sound isn’t good. But I have something for you.

Curriculum studies are very manageable provided if done well. You must just score 30 marks an out of which 20 are internal. So, if you even study a night before the D-Day (exam night) you can easily manage to pass or even get a respectable 8 pointer.

Enough talks about academics, a lot happens apart from it as well. Also, sounds crazy enough, but this is the exciting part I’m going to tell you

College Events | life at NIT

At MNNIT, we have close to 10 events and umber obviously varies year to year and college to college.

But there are two main events Avishkar & Culrav

Avishkar – Tech Festival

It is the annual technical festival. Or to simple to explain, four days were all the engineering things happen.

You would be involved in making games, VPN security, cyber hacking, robo-wars, car racing and a plethora of events.

Open live carnival, famous talk celebs like Karan Singh, Chetan Bhagat and famous poets like Rahat Indori come live to spellbound us with their charm.

These four days, I bet you won’t be having an hour sleep and still, you won’t regret! Because it is all nostalgia and the vibe the place gets to keep you alive. And that’s make life at NIT awesome!!

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Culrav – Cultural Fest

Have you ever shied to go on stage because people would laugh?

You always wanted to act but no one here to teach or at least support you. Well, not anymore!

Yes, at top institutes the bigger the name the bigger the stage you have and bigger the audience you get!

A fest of four days but preparations started months before. You would be trained by college seniors who are great coach you can get. They’ll train you from dancing, standups, to debating, ramp walk like models to how to do theatre act. All for you lovely juniors just you should have a passion to learn! That’s it.

Talking about the audience, you get a full house, numbers climbing to over a thousand eyes every time! In simple words, life at NIT create memories!

Make a standout act once, flaunt about it to your entire four years! 😉

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Thanks, Arpit | 3rd year Mechanical Engineering, MNNIT student

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