India rounds up beggars ahead of Ivanka Trump's visit in Hyderabad

India rounds up beggars ahead of Ivanka Trump’s visit in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad the Indian city of some 9 million people that has become a global tech hub. Ahead of Ivanka Trump visit to India, Government have launched a massive drive to remove beggars from the streets. This action will take place ahead of White House adviser Ivanka Trump’s visit to for an entrepreneurship summit at the end of this month.

According to V.K. Singh, the director general of prisons in Hyderabad,This order was given by the city’s police commissioner earlier this week. And will last for two months.

Police in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad are doing a last-minute sweep to get beggars off the streets because of Ivanka Trump’s visit later this month.
President Trump’s daughter is scheduled to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the city one of India’s tech hubs at the end of November. Despite the timing, authorities deny they are rounding up beggars because of her visit.

Ivanka Trump while Giving Speech

India rounds up beggars ahead of Ivanka Trump's-visit in Hyderabad
India rounds up beggars ahead of Ivanka Trump’s-visit in Hyderabad

Singh told reporters, It’s a permanent drive, that, “The government, since 30 years, have been trying to figure out what to do about them. The commissioner plans to renew the order after it expires.

Mr. Singh said, Speaking on a wider issue surrounding Hyderabad’s begging crisis,”There is a mafia or a network behind this who force people to beg or kidnap some children. And force them into begging.
Begging is a criminal act in Andhra Pradesh state under the Prevention of Begging Act 1977. But the recent campaign to move Hyderabad’s beggars off the city’s streets only started in late October. Prompting speculation that it was in preparation for the summit.
He is saying that the structures present inside the same compounds as the jails. Name of one structure is Anand Ashram.Which roughly translates to Hermitage of Happiness he noted.
Police say the plan is a humanitarian move and that authorities will first try to establish contact with the beggars’ families before sending them into the units.

Facilities given to Beggars:-

A Narasimha, a senior police officer in the prisons department said, “All the facilities are there.Which includes security, medical, food. And all the basic requirements are done to take care of the inmates.

According to Singh, Since the order given earlier this week, police move up 198 people. And have taken them to structures next to existing prisons.

Hyderabad police conducted a similar operation when President Bill Clinton visited in 2000.

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