IGNOU Papers Leak- What is the Revised schedule for cancelled Papers

Why IGNOU Papers Leak: What is the Revised schedule for cancelled Papers?

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Its confirm by the Registrar of IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) that IGNOU Papers Leak. Below are the course codes for leak papers.

List of Course Codes :

1) BCS 031
2) MCS 033
3) MCS 012

there are more 4 exams related to MCS code.
4) Exam for MCS 022
5) MCS 013
6) Exam for MCSE 003
7) MCS 014

Below are the instructions for students by the Registrar for reschedule examination:
1) The revised schedule with course codes was uploaded on the official website of IGNOU on 13th December 2018.
2) Same admit card would be used in the examinations for reschedule examination.
3) Candidates need to follow the new dates for the related exams.
4) The Venue for the examinations will remain the same.

Delhi Police Investigation for IGNOU Papers Leak

Delhi Police registered an FIR in this matter and ask questions to 20 students and an officer. IGNOU Registrar S.G. Swami file a complaint and the police file FIR on charges of cheating and criminal conspiracy over the leakage of question papers of BCSS & MCS subject code.This FIR registered at Dabri Police Station in Dwarka district.
Mr. Vijay Pal from Dwarka center informed that we seen leaked question papers in the mobile of many students. We have already informed the Chairman about the papers leak. This issue is highly sensitive. After investigation from students, its found the MCS and BCS subject papers were transferred from one group of students to another in Dwarka center.

A phone number also mentioned in the FIR, but it’s not yet clear that this is the source of the paper leak or not.

Its revealed by the Police that IGNOU Papers Leak & distributed among students with the help of WhatsApp. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) informed that we are investigating the source of leak C++ question paper.

However FIR copy shows that first time IGNOU Papers Leak were detected by the Registrar of IGNOU. Someone send these question papers to him on Whatsapp. After that, various examination centers alert.

Though BCS examination schedule on 5th December 2018 and MCS examination schedule in 8th and 10th December 2018. Also once IGNOU Papers Leak confirmed, reschedule of these papers already posted on the official website of IGNOU.

Below is the reschedule with dates:

Course Code Original Schedule Revised Schedule
BCS-031 5th December 2018 23rd December 2018 (Forenoon)
MCS 033 8th December 2018 23rd December 2018 (Afternoon)
MCS 012 10th December 2018 28th December 2018 (Forenoon)
MCS 022 12th December 2018 21st December 2018 (Afternoon)
MCS 013 11th December 2018 30th December 2018 (Forenoon)
MCSE-003 13th December 2018 30th December 2018 (Afternoon)
MCS 014 13th December 2018 31st December 2018 (Forenoon)
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