Give Proper food to your delivery staff - People advice to Zomato

Give Proper food to your delivery staff : People advice to Zomato

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There are floods of comments and reactions of people on social media after a Zomato video went viral. A Zomato delivery boy eating food from customer packet in Madurai. He was clearly seen eating the customer food from various packets and repack it with packaging tapes.

So many customers complained that they receive less food quantity as mentioned in the menu. Now those customers blaming to delivery agents for the same.

In response to the viral video, Zomato post on twitter that they would introduce tamper-proof tapes to seal food delivery boxes. Next time such incident can’t happen. We will make sure we add an extra layer of safeguard against such behavior.

Many customers comment on social media that next time they will think twice before order food online.

Users Comment for Zomato

One user “Snowy Flakes” from Chennai comment that “Zomato & Swiggy should feed Delivery Boys to full before they deliver an order”
Syed from Dubai comment “They are Human Beings too offer them time to eat food, they receive less made to work tireless without breaks”. When hungry what they can do?. I agree its wrong to eat from order food solution is during lunch or dinner time provide them small packs of food to eat.

Shruti Pawaskar from Mumbai comment that “I can easily share my ordered food with this delivery boy”. Moreover this guy eating the food from packets can’t be criminal. Zomato should be punished for not treating its employees with dignity.
Michelle Vaz from London also comment with a valid statement 2 issues here, We need to stop self reporting. There are enough authorities. Whoever shot the video should take it to Health authority and police and zomato. Posting a video of a person whatever he/she is doing is a privacy breach. IN many Countries the person shooting and posting the video has in fact face jail and bigger penalties than the person on the clip. India too has laws and we need to prosecute those shooting the videos.

Second issue is if he really did what he did agree its wrong however, a few seconds clip is non-conclusive have turned it down for lack of proper evidence. In fact global court juries have not accepted videos shot by unauthorized persons as it is misleading. With no breaks and meals provided. I see delivery boys on bikes with packages double their weight working for measly few rupees. Zomato should be penalized then not the worker.

Zomato Staff fired

Bangluru based food company said that on 11-12-2018 night they come across a video. A delivery executive wearing Zomato T-Shirt eating food from multiple packages and then repack it with packaging tapes. The video depicts that delivery boy was in the way to deliver food for customers. We want our users, restaurant partners and all stakeholders to know that we take these kinds of reports extremely seriously.

That staff belongs to Madurai in Tamil Nadu and has been taken off the platform.

Many big names organizations running online food business said that they are getting much profit as compare to direct sale. S K Arun Lal running Express Biriyani inform that online business give them chance to increase their customer base. Their sales increased 3 times as compared to last year.

Zomato will deliver food by Drones in India

Zomato India Pvt. Ltd company recently acquired a Lucknow-based start-up TechEagle Innovations. Which is working towards the future of quick food delivery. With the Government rules and regulations & appropriate technology advancements, soon this will be launched in India. The drones will be capable to carry weight up to 5kg. Drones will be fully automatic with 360 degree sensors that will be able to detect any obstacle from 50 meters.

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