Working In Shifts You may have Heart Disease Risks

Working In Shifts You may have Heart Disease Risks

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Heart Disease Risks are common now a days. A Chinese case study of more than 300,000 people declare that people who are working in shifts May Increase Heart Disease Risks. This case study is not meant to prove the cause and effect of Heart Disease, but the expert informs that people working in shifts need to take care of their health.

A young Japanese man, who was 31 years old, name Yukinobu Sato, died in Japan due to overwork. The experts saying that he died due to extreme stress. Yukinobu Sato was working in Japan space agency. The lawyer, Hiroshi Kawahito representing his family said that his death cause “karoshi” means death from overwork. A report shows that Yukinobu Sato worked for 70 hours or more of overtime a month. Karoshi was a statement defined in 1970 as deaths by heart failure or stroke. As per Japan times, 200 people have been died in Japan due to overwork or stroke.

Alibaba Group Owners Jack Ma informed that employers should pay attention to employees who are having any symptoms of Heart Disease. Healthy employees are the strong pillars of successful organizations. He also states that, “I don’t want to die in my office, rather I want to die on the beach.

No doubt that working in shifts may give you big salary but at the same time, chances of Heart Disease Risks are high. Weihong Chen, who is a researcher and author in China state that employer should reduce the shift working hours.

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In a research published in the journal Occupational Medicine out of 320,000 people around 20,000 people suffered from coronary heart disease. So its matter to think about your health, even if you look healthy.

Every year spent in the shifts increase one percent of chances of coronary heart disease.

Less Reaction Time:

Its good to conduct the studies and research on night shift working people time to time in order to see the adverse effects. It will surely raise the alarm for others, and others can take related preventive steps.

Working in nights can also cause you smoking. Because people usually start smoking to stay awake as cigarettes contain nicotine. It keeps you awake for longer time period if you feeling sleepy.

Long-term night shifts may cause cancers and other serious diseases. Insufficient sleep also causes change metabolism and appetite, which further create issues.

Shift work affects the productivity and performance. However, Main reason for that is less hours sleep and it further trigger to less reaction time. Your body did not able to take full sleep on the daily basis. You are not able to think quick and respond as normal person. Many research shows that night shifts person have slow reaction time and chances of more errors.

Many jobs like flying, operating machinery or driving, etc. require quick reactions and decision making ability. In any case if reaction time is less or late to respond may lead to a serious accident.

Few Solutions to tackle with Heart Disease Risks:

  • Proper Sleep up to 7 to 8 hours on the daily basis is required. If you sleep fewer hours, it will create “sleep debt’ and after some time this debt will be more and you will be in trouble. If you are working in shifts especially in the night shift, make sure that you manage your proper sleep during day time. Proper sleep is the only solution to decrease the sleep debt.
  • Make sure that you have enough bright light exposure during your shift.
  • Proper diet is the another solution to tackle with Heart Disease Risks. Usually light food is good option to eat.
  • Take a nap after the regular time interval. But make sure that your employer is not angry because you take a nap during your working hours.

You can drink coffee as well. Its also a better solution and advised by experts.

Note: Above facts and statements are provided based upon the various research.

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