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Immediately Delete 38 Android Apps Before They Load up Your Phone With Malware

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You remember we inform you about more than 60 Android apps with over 100 million Google Play downloads that were discovered to push invasive ads. And this was done without the user’s permission and gather a slew of sensitive information… all without notifying you or asking for permission? This time its about Delete 38 Android Apps.

While that particular security threat is now officially behind us all, the same McAfee researchers have discovered a new and extremely similar one that is wreaking havoc on tens of millions of Android devices around the world.


What is the issue and why to delete 38 Android apps?

Despite the fact that it is a member of the same huge and destructive adware family as the previously identified Goldoson infection. At first appearance, this HiddenAds campaign appears to be less destructive, accomplishing precisely what the name implies.

Specifically, it appears that around 35 million Android users worldwide have recently been served ads in the background of their mobile gaming sessions with the goal of generating illegal revenue for various shady companies and individuals.

That may not appear to have a significant impact on your user experience or data privacy, but anyone who has ever unintentionally installed this type of malware knows how inconvenient it can be to notice your phone slowing down, freezing, or crashing out of nowhere without being able to identify the culprit.


If you’ve recently encountered something similar, it’s probable that your mobile device is infected with “HiddenAds”… or a similar infection, especially if you periodically share such device with a youngster aged 5 to, say, 15.

That’s because every malicious programme discovered to be part of this adware gang emulates or, let’s be honest, outright rips off Mojang’s massively famous Minecraft game. We’re talking about remarkably similar names that employ the terms “block,” “diamond,” “craft,” “sword,” “monster,” “forest,” “builder,” and “rainbow” in slightly different ways to entice the most susceptible mobile customers.


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List of 38 Android apps to delete ASAP.

  1. Block Rainbow Sword Dragon
  2. Craft Rainbow Mini Builder
  3. Block Box Master Diamond
  4. Craft Sword Mini Fun
  5. Block Box Skyland Sword
  6. Block Pro Forrest Diamond
  7. Block Game Skyland Forrest
  8. Craft Monster Crazy Sword
  9. Block Forrest Tree Crazy
  10. Craft Clever Monster Castle
  11. Block Monster Diamond Dragon
  12. Craft World Fun Robo
  13. Block Pixelart Tree Pro
  14. Craft Mini Lucky Fun
  15. Block Earth Skyland World
  16. Block Rainbow Monster Castle
  17. Block Fun Rainbow Builder
  18. Craft Boy Clever Sun
  19. Block World Tree Monster
  20. Block Diamond Boy Pro
  21. Block Lucky Master Earth
  22. Block Loki Monster Builder
  23. Block Boy Earth Mini
  24. Block Crazy Builder City
  25. Craft Game Earth World
  26. Block City Fun Diamond
  27. Craft City Loki Rainbow
  28. Craft Sword Vip Pixelart
  29. Block City Dragon Sun
  30. Craft Loki Forrest Monster
  31. Lokicraft: Forrest Survival 3D
  32. Craft Castle Sun Rain
  33. Craft Lucky Castle Builder
  34. Craftsman: Building City 2022
  35. Craft Dragon Diamond Robo
  36. Craft Rainbow Pro Rain
  37. Craft Forrest Mini Fun
  38. Craft Sword City Pro
If you’re considering dismissing this threat as insignificant and irrelevant, don’t.


That’s because the malicious Android apps listed above are listed in order of popularity, beginning with a title that has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

And continuing with three additional titles that have 5 million+ Google Play installations (each).

However, you must be extremely cautious about everything you or your child downloads from the official Play Store on a daily basis. Your phone might need a little spring cleaning. And as soon as possible! This is especially true if you live in the United States, Canada, South Korea, or Brazil, which appear to be the primary targets of this malware-spreading effort.

Google, for its part, appears to have completed its secondary mission of cleaning up the Play Store of these applications despite failing to achieve its core aim of keeping such risks at bay in the first place. But it won’t help if you don’t also find and remove these applications from your devices before they extend their tentacles and begin conducting other dubious background activities than pushing adverts for filthy money.

As per the article published in Indiatoday,

Here is a list of other malicious apps the cybersecurity firm discovered and inform users to uninstall immediately.
  1. Smart Wifi
  2. My GPS Location
  3. Walls light – Wallpapers Pack
  4. Secret Horoscope
  5. Big Emoji – Keyboard
  6. Grad Wallpapers – 3D Backdrops
  7. Stock Wallpapers – 4K & HD
  8. EffectMania – Photo Editor
  9. Art Filter – Deep Photoeffect
  10. Keyboard – Fun Emoji, Sticker
  11. Fast Emoji Keyboard
  12. Create Sticker for Whatsapp
  13. Math Solver – Camera Helper
  14. Photopix Effects – Art Filter
  15. Led Theme – Colorful Keyboard
  16. Smart QR Scanner
  17. Image Warp Camera
  18. Volume Control
  19. Cat Simulator
  20. Smart QR Creator
  21. Colorize Old Photo
  22. GPS Location Finder
  23. Media Volume Slider
  24. Animated Sticker Master
  25. Colorize Photos
  26. Smart GPS Location
  27. Girls Art Wallpaper
  28. Personality Charging Show
  29. Sleep Sounds
  30. QR Creator
  31. Phi 4K Wallpaper – Anime HD
  32. Secret Astrology
  33. Engine Wallpapers – Live & 3D
  34. Art Girls Wallpaper HD
  35. GPS Location Maps.


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