Big Ticket series 223 winners

Big Ticket series 223 Lucky Winners List

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Big Ticket series 223 lucky winners will be declared at 7:30 PM(IST) at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Abu Dhabi. Also, dream car BMW series 15 results will also declared at the same time. Big Ticket series 224 tickets are available on Big Ticket website. Anyone can purchase tickets from various authorized stores in UAE. Big ticket lucky draw will stream online by the officials. 20 million aed (397,975,898 INR or $54,44,844) is the grand prize for Big Ticket series 223. We will update the winners list as it will declare on Big ticket website.

Big Ticket Series 223 – 20 Million winners List

1st Grand prize worth 20 million aed (397,975,898 INR or $54,44,844) won by Abdussalm Nv from India. Abdussalm lucky ticket number is 323601.

2nd prize worth aed 3,000,000 won by Saju Thomas from India. Saju lucky ticket number is 193235. He also purchase his ticket from big ticket website.

3rd Big prize worth aed 1,000,000 (43,829,034 rupees) won by Ejaz Rafi Kiyani from Pakistan. His lucky ticket number is 417105. Ejaz Rafi also purchase this ticket online from Big Ticket website.

4th Big prize worth Aed 100,000 won by Shadad Hossain from Bangladesh. Shadad lucky ticket number is 565762.He purchase ticket from the Big ticket official website.

5th Big prize won by Philip Hardiman. Philip Hardiman won prize worth Aed 80,000(14,133 Irish Pounds). Philip lucky ticket number is 093932, he is from Ireland.

6th prize won by Vineetha Makkunni worth aed 60,000. Vineetha big ticket number is 365569. She purchase her ticket from Big ticket website. She also from India.

7th Big prize worth aed 40,000 won by Celin Chacko. Celin Chacko lucky ticket number is 466285. He purchase big ticket from official website, he is from India.

Big Ticket Series 222 – 12 Million winners List

The grand prize of Aed 12,000,000 ($32,66,906 or 238,785,539 INR) won by George Jacob. His lucky ticket number 069402, which he purchases from Big ticket website. He has not informed what he will do with this big amount. George Jacob belongs to India.

2nd big prize of Aed 500,000 (9,949,397 INR or $1,36,121) won by Avinash Kumar K A. He purchases his lucky ticket 070370 from the Big ticket website. Avinash Kumar is also from India.

3rd Grand prize of aed 100,000 ($27,224 or 1,989,879 INR) won by Siddique Abdul Kader from India. Siddique Abdul Kader big ticket number is 261717, he purchases online from the Big ticket official website.

4th Big Prize worth Aed 80,000 (1,591,903 INR or $21,779) won by Sunilkumar Sasidharan Nair. He purchases Big Ticket from authorized STORE. His lucky ticket number is 093305. Sunilkumar Sasidharan is also from India.

5th Big prize worth Aed 60,000 (119,392 INR or $16,334) won by Shoaib Akhter. He got his lucky ticket number 103389. Shoaib Akhter also belong to India, purchase his ticket online from the official Big Ticket website.

6th prize of Aed 40,000 ($10,889 or 795,951 INR) won by Sageeshraj Nadayilekkandy. He got his lucky ticket number 183904. Sageeshraj is also from India and purchase his ticket from online.

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