Best Ways to prevent Interview ANXIETY

7 ways to prevent Interview ANXIETY | Guide4info

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Interview anxiety can be a big problem for those who looking for the job, taking about yourself, meeting with strangers. Even many business professionals, world leaders also feel some form of anxiety and stress in their life time. However, no need to take much tension if you are extremely nervous before or during a job interview.

As per one report, Feeling anxious or certain stress about your interview is just a sign that you want to do well. But too much stress can also lead to a behaviour like skipping meals, drinking alcohol, or not getting enough sleep. But if you know that you are susceptible to serious jitters, do EVERYTHING possible to make the day of the interview run smoothly. Good News is, You can avoid Interview anxiety by some tips and advice.

1) Don’t over-caffeinate:

There are various methods to consume caffeine. Mainly cocoa beans, kola nuts, tea leaves and coffee beans are the most well-known source. Do not consume it in excess because it may lead to the anxiety and prevent you to perform well in your interview.


2) The ultimate list of mistakes to avoid Interview anxiety:

Before the interview, knowing what not to do in an interview is equal important as having a good format resume. However, experts have traced some common interview mistakes that you should dodge to increase your selection chances.

  • Hangover: Well, its not advisable to go for an interview if you drink alcohol before your next interview. If you do that due to any reason, opt for a cold shower in the morning can help you.
  • Sleep Properly: We are often too excited or nervous about the interview that we sleep late in previous night. Little sleep also reduces your ability to attain your focus once you have lost it. So for best performance, sleep properly before interview.
  • Dehydration: Make sure that you stay hydrated before the interview.
  • In a rush: Don’t rush on the interview day: rater plans your journey and leaves from home accordingly. Its advisable that you reach 15 to 20 minutes before the interview.
  • Late: Don’t be late for the interview. Rather plan your journey, if you stay away from Company. Arriving late for interview makes a bad first impression. If there is any genuine reason, why you are late for an interview? Better say it to interviewer.
  • Wearing tight new shoes or wrong outfit: We all aware that its wrong to judge a book by its cover. But many times, interviewers do that. Believe or not, first impression is the last impression in the interview. And your first impression is totally based on appearances, and dressing sense. However, the wrong outfit can sink your selection chances.
  • Unsure of the interview location: Don’t rely 100% on your electronic gadget to fetch the interview location. However, its better to print the company location map and keep it handy.

3) Best ways to Calm Your Interview Anxiety:

  • Researching the company details: If you are, confuse What should you research about a company before an interview? Here is the best answer, The company’s culture, mission, and values, its Clients, products and services. Also, its better if you can find out details of the interviewer as well. You can take help of LinkedIn to find out recruiters details.
  • Practicing C.A.R. Interview technique: Click here and Read full details.
  • Well prepare the notes & keep it handy in the phone/Skype interviews: When you do the company research for various details, don’t forget to prepare notes for it.
  • Preparing 3 questions that you wish to ask: Its good that you ask questions when the interviewer gives you chance. It shows that you are well prepared. If he doesn’t give you chance to ask, you may interrupt him at the end of interview and ask few questions. Here are few: 1) What do you like best about working for this company? 2) Please, describe the culture of the company? 3) Where do you think the company is headed in the next 5 years? 4) How do you reward employees for good work? We will post a new article on this topic with more details.

4) Remember that this is a two-way conversation:

The best interviewer will leave you feeling confident and informed. However, the applicant should also be confident enough to ask questions at the end of the interview. Ask thoughtful questions and listen with attention when the interviewer answers them. Job seekers are being interviewed, but also vice versa.

How some companies become successful whereas some fail?

However, they need to interview the company to find out if they really want to work there. Will the culture fit? How about the manager’s management style?


5) Picture yourself in your mind feeling relaxed:

Be careful what you eat or drink prior to an interview is also the best way to prevent Interview Anxiety. Calm down your self, don’t think too much for an interview. You can feel relax by well interview preparations and confidence that you can do it.

Its better if you can do mock interview tests with your friends. In these ways, you can easily find your mistakes and rectify them and can feel relax during the actual interview.


6) Breathe deeply to regulate your heart-beat:

It’s normal to feel stressed or anxious before an important job interview for many people. But there are many ways, you can prevent Interview anxiety. Deep breathing is one the best idea and it works also. You can try it before your next job interview.


7) Smile, A great way to relieve tension for you and the interviewer:

Smiling faces in the interview looks better than the depressed faces. Its normal that you hesitate to reply or answer perfectly while stressed.

So, enter in the interviewer room with the smile, greet (good morning, good afternoon, etc.) him/her in a confident tone. This will give you a good start of an interview.

Why you are not getting selected for jobs?

Being slightly nervous ahead of an interview is a good thing; it’s Adrenalin!

Dear HIRING MANAGERS: many candidates find the interview process intimidating. It’s in your power to make them feel welcome, relaxed and confident.
Remember that you could find yourself sitting on the other side of the table, at anytime!

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