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Top 10 Best Short Stories with Valuable Lessons of Life

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Short stories are basically less than 300 words. Some short stories have very important and valuable meanings. Several short stories contain moral teachings and are useful for personal life.

In this article, we want to introduce you some of the best short stories that have moral teachings. If you want to learn great lessons in the shortest time, keep on reading the following content.

Top 10 best Short Stories

You may be wondering what kind of short stories are instructive? Instructive stories basically contain valuable tips and helpful guidelines for life. Here are some examples of the best short stories:

1-Old man in the village

An old man lived in a village. The old man was very unfortunate and unlucky. He was always upset and neighing about everything.

He had so much negative energy that even others shunned him and did not talk to him. This process continued until a very interesting event happened to the old man on his 80th birthday.

When people asked him what had happened to the old man, he replied that I had been looking for happiness for 80 years, but to no avail. On my 80th birthday, I tried to give up the pursuit of happiness and enjoy life. This is the reason for my joy and happiness.

2-Wise man

One day a wise man gathered his friends. Then he told them a joke, and everyone laughed at that joke. He told the joke once more.

He told the joke again, but this time no one laughed at the joke. The wise man then asked his friends that you don’t laugh at a repetitive joke, so why do you cry and grieve so often for an incident?

3-Stupid Donkey

A salt seller used a donkey to move his cargo. One day, while crossing a river, a donkey slipped and fell into the water.

The salt was dissolved in water and the weight of the load became lighter. The donkey, who was very happy, repeated this every day to make the cargo lighter.

When the salt seller realized this, he decided to teach the donkey a lesson. Instead of salt, he loads cotton. When the donkey fell into the water, the cotton absorbed the water and the donkey’s load became very heavy.

This time the donkey learned that a trick should not be repeated several times and luck is not always with him.

4-Best friends

One day, two friends named Jack and Joe, who were very close to each other, went on a trip. In the middle of the road, the two friends argued, and Jack slapped Joe.

Joe wrote on the sand that my best friend had beaten me today. Then they reached a river and Joe fell into the water and was about to drowning. But Jack saved him. This time Joe wrote on a rock that my best friend saved me today.

Jack asked Joe, when I hit you, you wrote on the sand, but this time you wrote on the stone. Joe said that I wrote bad memories on the sand so that the wind would blow them away and I would forget, but I wrote good memories on the stone so that I will always remember them.

5-Clever students

One day two friends went to a party and stayed up late. They could not study for the exam. So they planned to tell their master that their car had been punctured and they had to push all the way.

The master accepted their reason and was scheduled to take the exam a few days later. A few days later, the professor separated the two students and placed each in a separate classroom. The exam had only one question. Which tire was punctured?

6-Greedy lion

On a hot summer day, a lion was very hungry. The lion went hunting in the forest and hunted a rabbit. The lion thought that this rabbit was too small and not enough for him.

Suddenly he saw a deer. Lion released the rabbit and went to hunt the deer. But the deer disappeared in the forest. The lion lost both the rabbit and the deer because of its greed.

7-Friends and the bear

One day two close friends went to the forest to enjoy nature. Suddenly a bear attacked them. The first one escaped and went up the tree without paying attention to his friend.

The second, who did not know how to climb a tree, lay on the ground, and pretended to be dead. The bear sniffed him and walked away when make sure that he is dead. Then the first one came down from the tree and asked him what did the bear say?

The second replied that the bear told me to stay away from unfaithful friends.

8-Struggle for life

One day a girl complained to her father that no matter how much she struggles with her difficulties and problems, they will not end.

His father took him to the kitchen. He poured some coffee beans, a potato and an egg into boiling water.

After a few minutes, put the eggs and potatoes in a plate and pour the coffee into the cup. The father told his daughter that eggs, potatoes, and coffee had three different reactions to boiling water.

The egg, which was fragile, hardened. The potatoes that were firm have softened and the coffee has completely changed. What will be your reaction to the problems in your life?

9-Fox and Grapes

One day a very thirsty fox was walking in the forest. The fox saw a bunch of grapes hanging from the tree.

The fox jumped to catch the grapes but failed. He tried again but again failed. The fox surrendered. The fox said to himself, now that I have not succeeded, then the grapes must be sour.

10-Lion and Slave

One day a slave escaped to the forest. The slave saw a sick lion. He treated the lion. A few days later, a man arrested the slave and threw him into a lion cage.

The slave realized that the lion was the same lion that had already saved its life. This time the lion saved the slave and did not kill him.


In this article, we have told 10 best short stories you. These stories are the best short stories that contain moral points.

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